Results 2017 Jul - Dec

 Sunday 15/10/17-Holden Scramble Results

!st-Jim Brewster,Steve May,Bobby Stone,Paul Blizzard..Nett 52.875

Runners Up-Christabel French,Wayne Honeman,Konar Miller,James French...Nett  53.375

3rd-Craig Gault,Tom Clarke,Matt McKnight,Dean Schofield...Nett  53.50

Thank you to our Sponsor Harden Geelan Holden

Saturday   14/10/17--4BBB v Par

1st-Barry Martens & Russell Healey....+9

2nd-Steve May & Gavin Marshall......+8 c/b

NPT's-7th-Col Blizzard

          17th-David Taylor

           17th Eagles Nest-Not struck

Secret Birdie Hole 13th...Bill Oliver

Pro Shop 2s-Bill Oliver...6 balls

Lucky Card draw-Not struck

Thank you to Simon Hobson @ Young Eyes for their sponsorship

Semi Final Draw for the Norman Crawford-Steve Winterton v James French

                                                              Dean Scofield v Bill Oliver

Friday Comp 13/10/17-Single Stablford  9 Holes.

1st-Trish Miller....21 pts

2nd-Penny Greaves...20 pts

3rd-Maureen Perkins....20 pts

Wednesday 11/10/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford

1st-Grant Harding...42 pts

2nd-Mark McCormick...39 pts

3rd-Col Miller...38 pts c/b

NTP-7th...Not Struck       17th-Mark McCormick  (1 X Chicken)

Pro Shop Two's-Ian Page...2 balls

Balls went down to 33 points

Sunday 08/10/17:- Social Club

1st...Ross Manskie      TBA nett

2nd...Ricky Nielsen     TBA nett



Bradman's...Jake Burke

NTP...Paul Lewis

Sunday 08/10/17:- Club Medley Stableford Comp

1st...Penny Greaves       40pts          2balls

2nd...Robert Keevil        39pts           1ball

3rd...Brian Christie         38pts             --

Saturday 07/10/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -
Medal Winners-
A Grade-Dave Taylor 67nett ,B Grade-Gary Anderson 68nett , C Grade-Matt Williams 66nett
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade-Geoff Walker 72c/b Gross  ,B Grade-Alan Moore 80 Gross , C Grade-Bob Bear 86 Gross

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th Dave Taylor, 17th- Geoff Walker
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-Bill Oliver  9th-Adrian Hanrahan    15th-Matt Williams

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp.

A Grade-geoff Walker 24putts,  B Grade-Mick Kentwell 26putts c/b . C Grade-Brian Page 29putts
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie # 11th-James French
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw- Not Struck 

Eagles Nest 17th...Not Struck

Membership Draw-, Balls went down to 71

Pro Shop Two's-Ian Tierney 2 balls,James French 2 balls,Ian Wells 2 balls,Mick Kentwell 2 balls


Friday Comp 06/10/17-Single Stablford  9 Holes.

1st-Terry Shipp c/b....23 pts

2nd-Maurice Penson...23 pts

3rd-Wayne Hewson....20 pts


Wednesday 04/10/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford

1st-Peter Rushby...45 pts

2nd-Tom Mueller...40 pts

3rd-Grant Harding....39 pts 

NTP-7th...Not Struck       17th-Mark McCormick  (1 x Chicken)

Balls went down to 32 points

1st-Barry Martens & Russell Healey...+9 



Monday  02/10/2017 : Club Medley Stableford Comp.

1st-Zac Williams...44  Pts  

2nd-John Jones...41  Pts

3rd-Brian Norman...40  Pts 

Balls went down to 36 pts    



Sunday 01/10/2017 : Club Medley Stableford Comp.

1st-Daryl Whinam          40 Pts  

2nd-Lynn  Page                37 Pts c/b

3rd-Gary Anderson        37 Pts     



Sunday  01/10/17...Social Club

1st -Noel Bell      30nett

 2nd-Peter Ward     32nett

3rd-Jim Brewster   33nett

Gobbles    Not Won

Bradman's-Peter Norton

 NTP-Jim Brewster


Saturday   30/9/17--4BBB Twister

1st-Greg Murray & Col Blizzard...76 pts

2nd-Andrew & Col Miller...68 pts

NPT's-7th-John Rolfe

          17th-Pat Brodbeck

           17th Eagles Nest-Not struck

Secret Birdie Hole...not struck

Balls down to 36 pts

Lucky Card draw- not drawn

Thank you to Patrick Fizgerald & Keith Duran for their sponsorship


Wednesday 27/09/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford

1st-Barry Gaal...44 pts

2nd-Craig Watson...40 pts

3rd-Joel Shields....39 pts  c/b

Balls went down to 31 points



Sunday  24/9/17...Social Club

1st...Sue Holmes      35nett c/b

2nd...Allan Anderson  35nett c/b

3rd...Peter Norton    35nett 

Gobbles   16...Melanie O'Farrell

                17...Peter Norton

Bradman's...Pauline Collyer

Sunday   24/9/17... Men's and Women's Medley Stableford

1st-Rick Oliver...37 pts

2nd-Nick Bush...36 pts

3rd-Ian Broderick...33 pts

 Saturday 23/9/17..Honor Oliver Memorial Day-4 BBB Mixed Stableford

Mixed Winners-Rick Oliver & Lavell Hardy  45 pts

Runners Up- Chris Fraser & Joan Coddington  44 pts c/b

Individul Winner Mens-Geoff Connelly  41 pts

Individual Winner Ladies-Cathy Aiken 37 pts

NTP- Men..Ben Dean,  Ladies...Chris Keevil

Pro Shop Twos-James French, Mick Kentwell...3 balls each

Balls went down to 34 pts.

Friday Comp 22/9/17-Single Stablford  9 Holes.

1st-Wayne Hewson...20 pts

2nd-Brian Christie...19 pts

3rd-Gavin Marshall & Darren OBrien...19 pts




Wednesday 20/09/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford

1st-Frank Lincoln...44 pts

2nd-Kel Brodbeck...40 pts

3rd-Col Blizzard....39 pts  c/b

Balls went down to 34 points



Sunday 17/09/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-Rick Oliver 40 pts

2nd- Daryl Whinham 38 pts

3rd- Gary Anderson 31 pts



Sunday  17/09/17..SOCIAL CLUB(Holes 1-9 )

1st-Ricky Nielsen   32nett

2nd-Murray Hanley  35nett

3rd-Garry Tamainu   35nett

Bradmans-Allan Anderson 

NTP- Peter Eldridge


Saturday 16/9/17--4BWB Stableford.

1st-pts   30   Kel Brodbeck  & Pat Brodbeck

2nd-pts  29   Peter Campbell &  Phillip Oliver

Bradman   19Pts   Adrian Hanrahan &  Patrick Fitzgerald

NTP's..7th- Craig Watson

          17th- Aoron Maloney

           17th Eagles Nest- Not Won

Secret Birdie Hole..18th- Andrew Miller

Balls down to  34pts  Individual

Lucky Card draw- Todd Shipton    Konah Miller

Norman Crawford Results

D Schofield Def  M Flanders   2up

S Winterton Def N Bush 4 and 3


Friday Comp 15/9/17-Single Stablford  9 Holes.

1st-Pam Stolhand...20 pts c/b

2nd-John Barton...20 pts

3rd-David Robinson...19 pts c/b


Wednesday 13/09/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford

1st-Chris Fraser...44 pts

2nd-Bobby Stone...42 pts

3rd-Barry Gaal....41 pts

Balls went down to 34 points

Sunday 10/09/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-Terry Shipp.......44pts,

2nd-Shaun Rolfe.......37 pts,

3rd-Cameron Jones.....37pts c/b ,Rick Oliver...37 pts


Sunday  10/09/17..SOCIAL CLUB(Holes 10-18 )

1st-Ricky Nielson...29 nett

2nd-Sandy Pronk...30 nett

3rd-Guy Gibson...30 nett

Bradmans-Alan Anderson, NTP #7-No-one


Saturday 9/9/17-2 Person Ambrose--Mercy Care Day.

1st Mens-Col & Andrew Miller...59.25 nett

1st Ladies...Leanne Slater & Liz Harding...

1st Mixed..Sandy Pronk & Peter Campbell

NTP's..7th-Cathy Aiken,9th-Bill Oliver,16th-Tilla Davies  17th-Andrew Miller    .

Straight Drive Mens- Mark McCormick, Ladies-Maxine McCormack

Thank you to our Sponsors Peter Grieves & Brian Norman

Friday 08/09/17..Single Stableford..9 Holes

1st-Terry Shipp...24 pts pts

2nd-John Barton 19 pts

3rd- Neville Alchin 19 pts 

Wednesday 06/09/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford

1st-Grant Harding...39 pts

2nd-Andrew Aiken.....36 pts c/b 

3rd-Jim Beath.......36 pts

Balls went down to 32  points

Sunday 03/09/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-Wayne Honeman.......40 pts,

2nd-Curly Keevil.......39 pts,

3rd-Chris Keevil.....38 pts,

Sunday  03/09/17..SOCIAL CLUB(Holes 1-9 )

1st-Alan Anderson...35 nett c/b

2nd-Ben Holmes..35 nett

3rd-Keith Freeman...36 nett

Bradmans-Sandy Pronk, NTP #7-Jacko

Saturday 02/09/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -

Medal Winners-
A Grade-Dean Schofield..67 nett ,B Grade-Jake Norton...61 nett, C Grade-Aaron Moloney...68 nett
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade-James French...70 Gross,B Grade-Jake Norton..78 Gross , C Grade-Aaron Moloney...89 Gross

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7thGrant Harding, 17th-Steve Winterton
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-Dean Schofield,  9th-Gary Anderson,15th-Craig Watson,

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp..A Grade-Dean Schofield..26 putts,  B Grade-Paul Blizzard..29 putts c/b. C Grade-Barry Martens...30 putts
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie # 13-Ian Tierney
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck.  

Membership Draw-Mick Slater, Balls went down to 73 nett on c/b

Pro Shop Two's-James French-7 balls


Friday 01/09/17..Single Stableford..9 Holes

1st-Sandy Pronk...21 pts

2nd-Maurice Penson...20 pts

3rd-David Robinson...20 pts

Wednesday 30/08/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford

1st-Gary J Nicolls...43 pts

2nd-Grant Harding...39 pts  

3rd-Adrian Hanrahan....39 pts

4th-Wally Bronar....39 pts

Balls went down to 33points

Sunday  27/08/17..SOCIAL CLUB(Holes 10-18 )

1st-Gary Tamainu...30 nett

2nd-Peter Eldridge..32 nett

3rd-Jake Bourke..34 nett

NTP....Simon Murray

Bradmans-Noel Bell

Saturday 26/8/17--4BBB Stableford.

1st-Max Gilbert / Craig Gault 49 pts

2nd-Brian Christie / Jim Brewster 49 pts c/b

1st Individual winner : Steve Winterton c/b 44pts

NTP's..7th-Steve Winterton  17th-Pat Brodbeck     Eagles Nest 17th- Not Struck again

Lucky Card draw- Not struck

Secret Birdie Hole- #8 Not struck

Comp balls went to   36   pts

Pro Shop Twos- Nil

Thank you to Adam Tanner for the sponsorship of todays event.

Friday 25/08/17..Single Stableford..9 Holes

1st-Neville Alchin...20 pts

2nd-Brian Christie...19 pts

3rd-David Robinson...19 c/b

Wednesday 23/08/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford

1st-Allan Moore...39 pts

2nd-Larry Marks..38 pts  

3rd-Maxine McCormack.......38 pts

Balls went down to 34 points


Sunday 20/08/2017 : Mixed Foursomes Championship-27 Holes.

Scratch Winners

1st-James & Christobel French...120 Gross

2nd- Jim Glasheen & Liz Harding..131 Gross c/b

Handicap Winners.

1st-Ian Tierney & Penny Greaves...105 Nett

2nd-Mick & Annette Alexander...106.25 Nett

Sunday  20/08/17..SOCIAL CLUB(Front 9)

1st-Jake Bourke..29 nett

2nd-Peter Eldridge..33 nett

3rd-Peter Whye..37 nett

NTP....Jake Bourke

Bradmans-Steve Eldridge

Saturday 19/8/17--Individual  Stableford.

1st-Ian Tierney..38 pts

2nd-Paul Blizzard..37 pts

3rd- John Connell..36 c/b

NTP's-7th..Darcy Whinam, 17th-Steve Smith   ,Eagles Nest 17th-Not struck

Lucky Card draw-Not Struck

Secret Birdie hole-18th..Not struck

Comp balls went to 33 pts

Pro Shop Twos-Not Struck

Thank you to today's  Sponsor-Geoff Hill

Wednesday 16/08/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Sandy Pronk...38 pts

2nd-Aaron Moloney..36 pts  

3rd-Brian Page.......34 pts  c/b

Balls went down to 34 points

Sunday 13/08/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-.Dean Scholield...36 pts, c/b

2nd-Chris Keevil..36 pts,

3rd-Marie Inwood...35pt

Sunday  13/08/17..SOCIAL CLUB(Back 9)

1st-Lloyd Foley..33nett

2nd-Matt Williams..35 nett

3rd-Sandy Pronk..35 nett

NTP....Jake Ashton

Bradmans-Guy Gibson

Saturday 12/8/17--American Foursomes.

1st-Jordan Osmond & Craig Gault.. 60 nett

2nd- John Rolfe & Russell Healey..64.5 nett

NTP's-7th..Rick Oliver  17th-Matt McKnight   ,Eagles Nest 17th-Not struck

Lucky Card draw-Not Struck

Secret Birdie hole-13th..Not struck

Comp balls went to 65.5 nett

Pro Shop Twos-Not Struck

Thank you to our Sponsor-Wally Wilder & Wilders Bakery

Wednesday 09/08/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Ian Tierney..40 pts

2nd-Bobby Stone..37 pts c/b  

3rd-Darryl Brown...37 pts  

Balls went down to 31 points

 Pro Shop Twos-Not Struck

Sunday  06/08/17..SOCIAL CLUB(Front 9)

1st-Garry Tamaino..31nett

2nd-Bobby Brown..34 nett

3rd-Jake Bourke..34nett

NTP #7..Ben Holmes,

Bradmans- Peter Whye

Sunday 06/08/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-Christopher Fraser..31 pts,

2nd-Brian Christie..31 pts,

3rd-Chris Keevil...31 pt

Saturday 05/08/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -

Medal Winners-
A Grade- Bill Oliver..71 nett ,B Grade-Konah Miller..67, C Grade-Charles Collingwood Boot..65 nett
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade- Bill Oliver..74 Gross,B Grade-Konah Miller..82, C Grade-Michael Slater..91 nett

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-Darcy Whinam, 17th-Aaron Moloney
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-Dave Talor,  9th-Jim Glasheen 15th-Aaron Moloney

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp..A Grade-Ian Tierney ..30,  B Grade-Waywe Honeman ..28 . C Grade-Darcy Whinam ..31
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie # 13 -Nil
Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck.   Membership Draw-Not Struck

Wednesday 02/08/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Lorraine Regan ...38pts c/b

      Betty Stanton ...38pts c/b    

3rd-Colin Miller...37 pts

      Darren O'Brien...37 pts

Balls went down to 33 points

 Pro Shop Twos-Not Struck

Sunday  30/07/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Sandy Pronk..32 Stb

2nd-Bobby Brown..28 Pts

3rd-Peter Eldridge..27 Pts

NTP #7..Simon Murray, Gobbles-Peter Norton & Peter Eldridge

Thanks to the Sponsors...Bobby & Marg Brown, Peter Eldridge

Sunday 30/07/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-Curly Keevil..38 pts, 2nd-Brian Christie..34 pts, 3rd-Chris Fraser...33 pt

Staurday 29/7/17--4BBB Stableford.

1st-Gary Anderson & Darcy Whinam..47 pts.c/b

2nd-Geoff Connolly & China Holmes..47 pts

!st Individual-Jim Brewster..40 pts

NTP's-7th..Ian Tierney  17th-Gary Anderson, Eagles Nest 17th-Not struck

Lucky Card draw-Not Struck

Secret Birdie hole-Joel Shields #4

Comp balls went to 35 pts

Pro Shop Twos- Craig Taylor..4 balls each

Thank you to Steve Smith, Craig Taylor & Richard Baldwin for their sponsorship of todays event.

Wednesday 26/07/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Pud Smithers...41pts c/b

2nd-Wayne Hewson...41 pts

3rd-Frank Lincoln...38 pts

Balls went down to 32 points

 Pro Shop Twos-Not Struck, WAYNE HEWSON had TWO 2's but didnt go in the comp !!!

Sunday 23/07/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-Phil Mitchell..37 pts, 2nd-Christine Keevill..35 pts, 3rd-Darren O'Brien...33 pts

Thank you to our sponsor-

Sunday  23/07/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Peter Ward..34 nett

2nd-Jim Brewster..35 nett 

3rd-Sue Holmes.. 36 nett,

NTP #17-Jim Brewster , Gobbles-Steve Eldridge & Gary Tamainu. Bradmans-Chris Holmes

Welcome to our new member Gary Tamainu

Saturday 22/7/17--Single Nett-Sponsored by Connelly's Office National

1st-Geoff Connelly..64 Nett

2nd-Ian Tierney..68 Nett c/b

NTP's-7th..Ian Wells,  17th-Todd Shipton. Eagles Nest 17th-Not struck

Lucky Card draw-Not Struck

Secret Birdie hole #6-David Taylor

Comp balls went to 71 Nett c/b

Pro Shop Two's-Mick Alexander,Todd Shipton...3 balls each

Wednesday 19/07/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-David Robinson...37 pts,

2nd-Terry Perrin..36pts

3rd- Grant Harding..35 pts

Balls went down to 30 points

 Pro Shop Twos-Not Struck

Sunday 16/07/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-Jarrod Harding..35 pts, 2nd-A Donnelly..34 pts, 3rd-Brian Christie..34 pts

Thank you to our sponsor-Carmello's Pizza

Sunday  16/07/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Sandy Pronk..34 nett c/b,

2nd-Kevin Baker.. 34 nett 

3rd-Simon Murray.. 36 nett,

NTP-Not struck , Gobbles..Kevin Baker & Jim Delahunty


 Saturday 15/7/17;- Single Stableford-Watson Toyota Sponsors

A Grade- 1st..Grants Harding..37 pts,  2nd- James French..36 pts

B Grade- Barry Gaal..38 pts, 2nd- Mick Kentwell..37 pts

C Grade- Brian Page..39 pts, 2nd- Darcy Whinam..38 pts

NTPs- 7th..Steve Smith, 17th- Ian Wells.   Eagles Nest..Not struck

Pro Shop Two's- Ian Wells..7 balls

Balls went down to 33 pts

Wednesday 12/07/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Carolyn Shaw...36 pts, c/b

2nd-David Grant & Peter Rushby...36pts c/b

Balls went down to 32 points

 17th-Adrian Hanrahan. (Hole in One )

 Pro Shop Twos-Not Struck

Sunday 9/07/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-James French..36 pts,  2nd-Brian Page.. 34  pts, 3rd-Lynne Page..32pts








Staurday 8/7/17--4BBB Stableford-Sponsored by David Hamblin

1st-John Powderly & Todd Shipton..47 pts

2nd-Craig Watson & Peter Doherty..45 pts c/b

3rd-Steve Haughey & Darcy Whinam...45 pts

NTP's-7th..Rick Oliver,  17th-Steve May. Eagles Nest 17th-Steve May

Lucky Card draw-Steve Smith & Grant Harding.

Secret Birdie hole-Not struck

Comp balls went to 34 pts

Pro Shop Twos-Bill Oliver,Stu Norton,Steve May...2 balls each

Thank you to David Hamblin & Amcal Pharmacy for their sponsorship of todays event.


Friday 9  Hole Stableford Comp..7/7/17

1st-Ron Flynn, Swayde Honeman & David Robinson..18 pts

Balls went down to 16 pts


Wednesday 05/07/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Terry Perrin..36 pts,

2nd-Mark Crutcher...35pts c/b
3rd- Wally Bronar, Mark Flynn....35 pts

Balls went down to 30 points. 

 Pro Shop Twos-Mark Flynn...2 balls




Sunday  02/07/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Simon Murray 34 nett c/b,

2nd-Jim Delahunty, 34 nett 

3rd-Jake Bourke 36 nett,

NTP-7th- Simon , 13th-, 15th,

Sunday 2/07/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st- Matthew Williams 34 pts,  Swayde Honeman 34   pts,

Saturday 01/07/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -

Medal Winners-
A Grade-Grant Harding..68 nett ,B Grade-Sam Langford..67, C Grade-Gary Nicolls..74 nett
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade-Phillip Oliver..73 c/b, B Grade-Sam Langford..83, C Grade-Barry Martens..92

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-Steve Dewar, 17th-Peter Doherty
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-Ian Tierney,  9th-Wayne Honeman 15th-Not Struck

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp..A Grade-Stuart Norton..27,  B Grade-Paul Blizzard  26 . C Grade-Barry Martens..29
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie # 10 -Phillip Oliver
Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck.   Membership Draw-Not Struck

Pro Shop Two's-Steve Dewar,  Steve May

Ball Comp went down to 73