Results 2019 Jan - Jun

 Sunday 13/1/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st    Ross  Manskie

2nd   Allan  Anderson

3rd   Neville Rhodes

NTP #7   Jake Bourke

Bradman's:-   Lana Press

Sunday 13/1/19:- Ball Medley Stableford

1st   Shaun  Rolfe            42 Pts

2nd  Gary  Anderson       40 Pts c/b

3rd  Chris  Keevil             40 Pts

Saturday 12/1/19-Single Stableford. 

A Grade 1st-  Wally  Wilder         41 Pts

              2nd- Konah Moller         40 Pts

B Grade 1st-  Steve Dewar          43 Pts

              2nd-  Mark Shipp            39 Pts

c Grade 1st-  Barry Martens        42 Pts

             2nd-  Bobby Stone          41 Pts

NTP #7-  Shaun  Rolfe

       #17- Mark Hawker

Eagles Nest #17- Not Struck

Repco NTP- B Grade #3- Alan Jones

NAGA Award.

A Grade- Darky Oliver

B Grade- Adrian Hanrahan

C Grade- Russ Healey

Lucky Card Draw- Peter Greaves

Secret Birdie Hole # 9 Wally Wilder

Balls went down to  36 Pts

The Club would like to thank LANDMARK for their generous sponsorship of todays event.

Friday 11/1/19-9 Hole Comp.

1st-Ron Flynn..........21 pts

2nd-Gavin Marshall.....19 pts

9/1/19-Weds Pro's Medley Stableford

1st-Craig Gault.........43 pts

2nd-Ron Flynn..........41 pts

3rd-Col Miller...........40 pts

Balls down to  33 pts

Sunday 6/1/19:- Ball medley Stableford

1st    Konah  Miller           42 Pts

2nd   Mick Alexander       35 Pts

3rd   Aaron  Moloney       34 Pts c/b

Sunday 6/1/19:- Social Club 14 Hole Radar Event

1st    Jim  Delahunty              51 Nett

2nd   Peter Eldridge               54 Nett

3rd   Simon  Murray               55 Nett

NTP #7   Simon  Murray

Keith Simmons Engineering Monthly Medal 

 January 2019

Medal Winners

A  Grade-  Jason  Nolan      69
B  Grade-  Col Blizzard       66
C  Grade-  Ben  Norton       64      

Elite  Cup Scratch

A  Grade-  Joel Shields      73
B  Grade-  Col  Blizzard     82
C  Grade-  Ben  Norton      85

NTP's     #7-Spade McCormick
              #17-Jim Glasheen

Eagles Nest #17-Not Struck

Keith Simmons Eng. NTP's for  2nd Shots

             # 3-Todd Shipton
             # 9 -Ryan Wells
            # 15-Col Miller

Elegant Timbers Shutters and Blinds Putting Competition

A  Grade-  Todd  Shipton            25
B  Grade-  Wayne  Honeman      28 c/b
C  Grade-  Gary  Nicolls              30

Terry Bros Carpet Court

Secret Birdie Hole #17   Jim  Glasheen

Ian Page Bricklaying Lucky Card Draw-  Gary Nicolls  (211)

Membership Draw-  Craig Gault

Friday 4/1/19-9 Hole Comp

1st-Brian Christie.......19 pts

2nd-Ron Flynn...........17 pts

 Wednesday 2/01/19-Pro's Medley Stableford


1st-Chris Fraser..........42 pts

2nd-Wayne Honeman..41 pts

3rd=Terry Shipp,Paul Flynn,Konah Miller.....40 pts

64 players.

Balls went down to 34 pts