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18th to 23rd November 2018
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 The 21st Young Cherry Festival Veterans Week of Golf will be held from the 18th to the 23rd November 2018.

The event is scheduled and approved by the NSWVGA and is normally held in the third week of November each year.

The Young Golf Course presents a picturesque and challenging layout and rewards the accurate player who can keep the ball on the lush and beautifully manicured fairways.


An expansive automatic watering system installed in 2013 by the Young Shire Council as part of the redevopment of the Young Sewerage Treatment works ensures the fairways are equal to the best available all year round.

A dedicated green staff with some club volunteers maintain the off fairway areas to ensure players enjoyment resulting in minimal delay and a more enjoyable round.


The week starts with a wine tasting and fashion parade from 5.00 pm on Sunday (19th) and is an opportunity for regular players to catch up with golfing mates from all parts of the compass who converge on Young in November.

The cherry harvest is generally in full swing and cherries are very much featured in the weeks activities.

Visitors have the opportunity to visit an orchard and 'pick your own' fruit or arrange to purchase cases of fruit for personal enjoyment or for friends.


We have a free and extensive cherry raffle at out presentation dinner on Friday evening.


From a starting point in 1998 when we had just on 100 players participating the fields have grown and in recent years we have at times hosted over 200 players each day. It should be noted that we do have players who may just come for one or two days but priority is given to early entries who book for the whole week.

A limited number of golf carts are available for hire thanks to the generosity of our club members and enquiries in this regard are handled by our golf professional Byrce Mawhinney on 63821543. Contact with Byrce should be made at the time of entry.


You may download the entry form from our Veterans web site
or contact the golf director Bill Kearney on 63825555.

Click on the "Veterans Program" below to see more details

The Young Community and the Golf Club looks forward to you visiting and spending some time in the Cherry Capital.

Young Cherry Festival Veterans Week of Golf Report 2017

Our 20th Week of Golf (20th-24th Nov) was most successful and financially

 contributed to the golf club and our community. We had 207 entries, there were nearly 700

 rounds of golf played over the 4 competition days and we averaged 173 players hitting off on each day.

A good number of players come for a short visit to Young, they play one day either Monday of Friday

and then visited a cherry orchard to buy cherries or ‘pick their own’ cherries.

The Sunday ‘meet and greet’  function in the Gleneagles function centre saw almost all of the visitors

attend.  Visitors were accommodated at the Young Tourist Park, some with self contained caravans

 did stay at the showground, others stayed in motels, hotels, and in a number of residences available

 for tourist rental.

Our week of golf promotion is a tourist promotion featuring golf at the golf club  and players

with partners stay between 6 to 8 nights and naturally visit and spend in the local shops.

This year the cherry harvest was in full swing and we had complimentary cherries

available in the clubhouse to enjoy every day. The cherry raffle/lucky door prize competition was

as usual an attraction and 40 patrons collected a box of cherries.

We have 76 preliminary entries for next years week of golf in hand which will be held from Monday

19th November 2018.

Without the support of our many sponsors we would not be able to run the event and we look

forward to continuing that association next year.

Bill Kearney


On behalf of the organising committee

Young Cherry Festival Veterans Week of Golf

Results            Year  2017

Monday    Mens  4 Ball     

1st   Tom Clifford                                       Club    Tully Park

1st   Noel Beattie                                       Club     Camden

2nd  Dale Walton                                      Club     Mollymook

2nd Andrew Aiken                                    Club      Young

Best Visitor


Monday    Ladies  4 Ball    

1st   Ros Anderson                                       Club    Young

1st   Larraine Nicolls                                  Club     Young

2nd   Lorraine Regan                                  Club     Young

2nd   Sandra Holmes                                  Club     Young

Best Visitor

Betty Tucker                                               Club   Nowra

Yvonne Burnett                                          Club    Kew


Tuesday   Mens

 Div. One  

1st  David Williams                                           Club  St Georges Basin

2nd Jeff Macpherson                                       Club   Cowra

Best visitor     N/A                                           Club


1st   Pud Smithers                                            Club   Young

2nd  John Hatchman                                         Club   Nowra

Best visitor N/A                                                 Club


1st   George  Conkey                                      Club  The Grange

2nd  Peter Ryan                                               Club  Kiama

Best visitor   N/A                                               Club

Tuesday  Ladies

Div. One    1st   Virginia Drogemuller           Club  Grenfell

                    2nd  Chris Keevil                              Club   Young

Best Visitor N/A                                              Club

 Div. Two   1st  Cathy Aiken                           Club  Young

                    2nd  Jenny Smith                          Club  Campbelltown

Best Visitor N/A                                              Club

Div. Three  1st  Joan Coddington                  Club   Young

                     2nd  Carolyn Shaw                       Club  Young

Best Visitor:     Diane Searle                          Club  The Grange


Thursday  Mens

 Div. One   1st  David Thomas                        Club   Cowra

                   2nd   Ian Horley                              Club   Gympie

Best visitor N/A                                                Club

 Div. Two   1st  Geoff Connelly                       Club  Young

                    2nd   Steven Cann                          Club  Morisset

Best visitor  N/A                                                  Club

Div.Three    1st  Terry London                       Club  Young

                      2nd  Paul Holmes                         Club  Young

Best visitor   N/A                                              Club

Thursday  Ladies

 Div. One  1st  Jan Broderick                             Club  Young

                  2nd  Glenda McCaw                         Club  Nelson Bay

Best visitor  N/A                                                 Club

Div. Two  1st  Elaine Cusack                              Club  Duntryleague

                  2nd  Penny Greaves                           Club   Young

Best Visitor   N/A                                                Club

Div. Three  1st   Tilla Davis                                 Club

                     2nd   Teresa Waters                       Club  Tumbarumba         

Best Visitor    N/A                                               Club



Thurs  NSWVGA Trophy Winners  (best overall-No grades)

This event is sponsored by the NSWVGA. It is a stand alone event.


            Men     1st   David Thomas                                Club  Cowra

                          2nd  Terry London                                 Club  Callala

                          3rd  Andrew Aiken                                 Club   Young

             Ladies   1st  Ros Anderson                                 Club  Young

                            2nd  Betty Stanton                               Club  Young

                             3rd  Maureen Perkins                          Club  Young

Tuesday/Thursday  36 Holes

Mens  Div One  1st  Bob Davies                                    Club  Pelican Waters

                             2nd  Noel beattie                                 Club  Camden

Best Visitor  N/A                                                             Club

            Div. Two   1st  Peter Mawhinney                      Club  Grenfell

                                2nd  Andrew Aiken                            Club   Young

Best visitor  N/A                                                              Club

            Div. Three  1st  Tony Bobin                                Club  Howlong

                                2nd  Noel Riley                                  Club  Cowra

Best visitor    N/A                                                            Club


Tuesday/Thursday  36 Holes

Ladies   Div. One   1st   Ros  Anderson                            Club   Young

                                 2nd  Kate Cooper                                Club  Young

Best visitor:   Siobhan Davies                                        Club   Pelican Waters

             Div. Two   1st  Betty Stanton                              Club  Young

                               2nd  Sharon wilder                             Club   Young

Best visitor:   Yvonne Burnett                                        Club  Kew

              Div.  Three  1st  Maureen Perkins                    Club  Young

                                   2nd Bronwyn Clegg                         Club  Nambour

Best  Visitor    N/A                                                                       Club


Friday  Medley 4 Ball  1st   Ron Flynn                                   Club  Young

                                          1st      Robert Rainey                          Club  Young

                                          2nd  John Fielding                             Club  Kiama

                                          2nd  Peter Ryan                                 Club  Kiama

                                         3rd  Rick Drury                                    Club  The Grange                                                            

                                         3rd  Larraine Nicolls                           Club   Young

                                         4th   Gordon Whitbuy                          Club Beverly Park

                                         4th   Meg Whitby                                  Club Beverly Park