Details Business Houses Comp

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Business Houses Comp Rules 

·         SPONSORSHIP provided by YOUNG TYREPOWER & Young S & C Club

·         6 holes scored as a stroke.

·         Play any day on weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday.

·         Teams with maximum of 8 players, minimum of 3.  (3 best scores count each week).

·         Teams can have substitute players but only to maximum of 5 players per team each week.

·       Players need to play and represent their team on a minimum of 4 occassions through each competition period to quailfy for end of season prizes.

·         Individuals can play more than once in any week.

·         All players must have at least one other player with them for their scores to count.

·         Points are awarded each week from the team that comes first all the way down to the team that runs last each week. 

·         Total cost per team per competition is $250 for the whole team.  After registration is paid, no further costs are incurred weekly for playing in the Business Houses Competition.

·         Comp runs Feb. to Mar. 2024.

·         Handicaps provided by the Pro Shop.

See Pro shop for more details

* Great way to get into golf
* Anyone can play - all welcome
* Open to everyone, members and non-members
* Play any day Monday to Friday (why not after work)
* No handicap required to start
* Quick, fun & easy format
* 6 holes team competition
* No cost after registration
* Teams of up to 8 players with best 3 scores to count
* Scored as stroke
* Get a team from work
* Get a team from your mates
* Get a team from your neighbourhood
* Get a team from your family
* Get a team from your pub or club
* First comp runs from October to December
* Second comp runs from February to March
Ph. Pro Shop on 63821543 to nominate