Results 2020 Jan-Jun

Saturday 25/1/20:- Australia Day Medal

Men's and Ladies Single stableford


"A" Grade         1st      James  French          40 Pts

                         2nd     Shaun  Rolfe             39 Pts

"B" Grade         1st     Sam  Woods              39 Pts

                         2nd    Max  Gilbert               38 Pts

"C" Grade         1st    Robert  Norton           42 Pts

                         2nd   Brett  Scelly                37 Pts 

Australia Day Medal Winner  Robert Norton  42 Pts


Division 1        1st   Noela  Hardman       38 Pts

                        2nd  Christine Keevil        34 Pts c/b

Division 2        1st  Maureen Perkins       37 Pts

                        2nd Lynette  Page            33 Pts

Australia Day Medal Winner  Noela Hardman  38 Pts

N.T.P  #7   Simon Murray    200cm

          #17 Ray  Hargraves  3.7m

Eagles Nest #17  Not Struck

Vinnies Pizza Award   Grant  Harding

Players 66 Men and 19 Ladies

Thanks to today's Sponsors Blooms The Chemist,

Lang's Pools & Spas, Kay McDonald Trophies, Watson

Toyota and Vinnies Pizza

Friday 24/1/20  9 Hole Comp

1st  Brian Christie        25 Pts

2nd Ron  Flynn             23 Pts

3rd Larry Marks           22 Pts

Balls down to 22 Pts

Wednesday 21/1/20:- Medley Stableford

1st Peter Terry        41pts

2nd Andrew Aiken   38pts

3rd Daryl Brown      37pts

4th Terry Shipp        36pts c/b

5th Paul Holmes      36pts

6th John Jones         36pts

balls to  32pts  c/b

Sunday 19/1/20:- Medley Stableford

Winner Kyle McGovern $30

Rudd Hargraves   41pts

Sam Woods & Hilltops Regional Security

Jackpot  $30 Voucher  Secret Birdie Hole #2 

Struck by Gary Anderson & Simon Oakes

Jackpot to 26/1/20 is $30

Sunday 19/1/20:- Social Club 9 Hole Event 

1st  Bobby Brown                31 Nett

2nd  Steve Eldridge             36 Nett c/b

3rd  Ron  Flynn                    36 Nett 

N.T.P #7  Lloyd Foley          20 players


Saturday 18/1/20:- 6 Person Ambrose

Winning Team      50.416 Nett

David Hamblin,Peter Kirkwood,Mark Hawker

Joanne Hawker,Shahid Khalfan & John Snodgrass  

N.T.P   #13  Phillip Oliver     3.2m

           #16  Cameron Jones    12m

Vinnies Award Team      59.083 Nett

Andrew Aiken,Phil Mitchell, Laurie Brown

Terry Shipp, Catherine Aiken & Robert Stone

Balls went down to 53.750 Nett

Thanks to to-day's Sponsors  Peter Campbell,

Gary Nicolls (410) & Simon Murray

Friday 17/1/20 9 Hole Comp

1st Chris Keevil     21pts

2nd Terry Perrin    18pts  c/b

3rd David Robinson   18pts

4th Larry Marks    18pts

Wednesday 15/1/20  Pro's Medley Stableford

1st - John Connell       40 Pts      

2nd - Robert Norton    39 Pts on c/b

3rd - Garry J Nicolls    39 Pts

4th - Chris Keevil       38 Pts on c/b

5th - Garry O Nicolls  38 Pts on c/b

6th - George Gerrard 38 Pts

Balls went down to 31 Pts on a c/b

Sunday 12/1/20:- Medley Stableford

Kyle McGovern sponsored $30 Voucher

1st - Simon Oakes 38 Pts

Sam Woods sponsored Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole #13 

Won by Mark Flanders - Jackpot of $150 Won

Sunday 12/1/20:- Sunday Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st Cecile Rhodes            30 Nett

2nd Bobby Brown            31 Nett

3rd Jim Delahunty            33 Nett

NTP   Peter Campbell

Saturday 11/1/20:- Single Stableford

1st    Tod  Shipton           43 Pts

2nd   Cameron Elsley      40 Pts

3rd    Mick  Ashton          39 Pts c/b

N.T.P #7  Greg Murray     108 cm

          #17 Allan Jones     166 cm

Repco "B" grade/2nd shot/

3rd Hole     Not  Struck

Eagles Nest #17  Not  Struck

Secret Birdie Hole #6 Not Struck

Vinnies Award Brian Page

Card Draw  Not Struck

Balls went down to 35 Pts

Thanks to todays Sponsors Dean Schofield

and Schoie's Plumbing

Friday 10/1/20   9-Hole Comp

1st   Jan Broderick           22 Pts 

2nd  Greg Broderick         19 Pts c/b

3rd  Paul  Levett               19 Pts

Balls to 18 Pts on c/b

Wednesday 8/1/20:- Medley Stableford

1st Kate Cooper        40pts

2nd Wally Wilder       39pts c/b

3rd Gail Hanigan       39pts 

Balls to 31pts   c/b

Sunday 5/1/20:- Medley Stableford

Winner Kyle McGovern $30 Voucher

Lachlan  Kemp     ( Yass )      37 Pts

Sam Woods- Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole #17  Not Struck

Jackpot stands at $150 for 12/1/20

Sunday 5/1/20:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st  Gary Tamainu           32 Nett

2nd Ron  Flynn                34 Nett  c/b

3rd  Paul Powderly         34 Nett

14 Players

Saturday 4/1/20:-

Keith Simmons Engineering Monthly Medals

Medal Winners

A Grade - Andrew Miller 68

B Grade - Col Blizzard 67

C Grade - Col Miller 70

Elite Carpet Cleaning Scratch Winners

A Grade - Geoff Walker 74

B Grade - Col Blizzard 82

C Grade - Col Miller 88

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting

A Grade -  Geoff Walker 26

B Grade -  Col Blizzard 25

C Grade -  Col Miller 29

Watson Toyota - N.T.P'S

#7 - Kyle McGovern

#17 - Mat Simmons

Keith Simmons Engineering N.T.P's

#3 - Geoff Walker

#9 - Beau Elsley

#15 - Unknown (blown away)

Gavin Marshall sponsored NTP

# 16 - Geoff Walker

Eagles Nest #17 -  Not Won

Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie Hole -

# 6 - James French

Ian Page Bricklaying Card Draw - Pud Smithers

Vinnies Voucher - Naga Award - Jarrod Sharman

Ball Comp went down to 73 nett on a c/b.

50 Players  Thanks to all our Sponsors    

Friday 3/1/20 Medley Stableford

1st Gail Hanigan         39pts

2nd Gary Anderson     37pts

Balls to 30pts  

Friday 3/1/20  9 Hole Comp

1st Brett Scelly             21pts


Wednesday 1/1/20  Pro's Medley Stableford

1st - Paul (Cack) Levett 43 Pts on c/b     

2nd - Jim Brewster 43 Pts

3rd - Matt McKnight 41 Pts

4th - Mick Ashton 40 Pts on c/b

5th - Mat Simmons 40 Pts

Balls went down to 32 Pts