Results 2017 Jan - June

Sunday 15/4/18-Social Club

Midweek Comp...9 HOLE Medley Stb-13/4/18.

1st-Trish Miller............21 pts

2nd-Col Miller,Andrew Miller,Maureen Perkins......18 pts.

Wednesday 28/06/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-  Larry Marks   42 pts,

2nd- Cathy Aiken   39  pts
3rd-  Colin Blizzard   38  pts

Balls went down to 31 points.  Pro Shop Twos Comp 0


Sunday  25/06/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Peter Whye

2nd-Jake Bourke,

3rd-Lloyd Foley

NTP-7th-  , 13th-,

Gobbles-Peter Ward, 15th

Bradmans-Ricky Neilsen



Sunday 25/06/2017 : Club Stableford Comp.

1st-   Lynette Page   38 pts,  

2nd-   Chris Keevil   33   pts,

          Robert  Keevil   33   pts


Saturday 24/06/17...2 Man Ambrose

1st-Matt McKnight & Sam Langford..Nett 62.75

2nd-Steve Dewar & Andrew Miller..Nett 62.75 c/b

3rd-Jordan Osmond & Craig Gault..Nett 64.25

YOUNG DETAILING SERVICES NTPs-7th-Matt Williams , 17th-Bailey Scott- Miller
Eagles Nest-Bailey Scott-Miller
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw ..

Pro Shop Two's-Not run

Balls went down to 68 nett

THANK YOU TO TODAY'S  SPONSORS..Steve Dewar & Ian Broderick



Wednesday 21/06/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Carolyn Shaw..41 points,

2nd-Michele Blizzard..40 pts
3rd-Larry Marks...37 pts

Balls went down to..32 points.  Pro Shop Twos Comp..Bryce Mawhinney x 2, Allan Moore, Mark Crutcher


Sunday 18/06/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Chris Keevil..40 pts,  2nd-Marie Inwood..35 pts,

Sunday  18/06/17..SOCIAL CLUB-14 Hole 2 Man Ambrose

 1st-Jim Delahunty & Kevin Baker..37 nett c/b, 2nd-Y Dog & Peter Ward..37 nett, 3rd-Murray Hanley & Sandy Pronk...38 nett

NTP-7th..Simon Murray, 13th-Chris Holmes, Gobbles-Not played, Bradmans..Bluey Norton & Al Anderson. Straightest Drive-Simon Murray

Congratulations to Simon Murray for his ''Hole In One'' on 17th.

A BIG thank you to Sheree from the Criterion Hotel for her sponsorship.


Saturday 17/06/17-- Individual Stableford

1st-Sam Langford..40 pts, 2nd-Col Blizzard..38 pts, 3rd-Mark Crutcher..37 pts c/b

YOUNG DETAILING SERVICES NTPs-7th-Joel Shields, 17th-Ian Wells
Eagles Nest-Not struck
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-7th..Darky Oliver
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not struck

Pro Shop Two's--Not Struck

Balls went down to  34 pts.c/b

Thank you to Gavin Marshall & Craig Watson for their sponsorship



Wednesday 14/06/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-David Grant..41 points, 2nd-Jarrod Harding c/b..40 pts
3rd-Maurice Penson...40 pts

Balls went down to..33 points.  Pro Shop Twos Comp..Bryce Mawhinney x 2

Hole in One...Allan Moore..#17



1st- Swayde Honeman..36 pts, 2nd-Matt Campbell..35 pts, 3rd-Wayne Honeman..34 pts c/b


1st-Sandy Pronk..36 pts,  2nd-Marie Inwood..35 pts, 3rd-Liz Harding..34 pts

Lucky Card Draw-Chris Holmes..Ball Comp down to 33 pts

Thank you to todays Sponsors IAN TIERNEY & RICK OLIVER

Sunday 11/06/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-James French..35 pts,  2nd-Konar Miller..34pts, 3rd-Chris Keevil...34pts

Sunday  11/06/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Guy Gibson..31 nett, 2nd-Noel Bell..33 pts , 3rd-Bobby Brown..34 pts

NTP  17th-Not played  Gobbles-Not played, Bradmans..Chris Holmes..43 nett


Saturday 10/06/17..4BBB Vs Par

1st-Darcy Whinam & Gary Anderson..+10

2nd-Stu Norton & Sam Langford..+8

3rd-Mick Slater & Ron Thompson..+7

YOUNG DETAILING SERVICES NTPs-7th-Big Gary Nicols , 17th-Grant Harding
Eagles Nest-Not struck
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-Sid Honeman #3
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw ..Not drawn

Pro Shop Two's-Not Struck

Balls went down to 34

THANK YOU TO TODAY'S  SPONSORS..Chritabel & James French



1st-Chris Keevil...19 pts c/b   2nd-Andrew Miller..19 pts  3rd-Pam Stolhand & Maurice Penson...18 pts

Wednesday 07/06/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Craig Watson..42 points, 2nd-Jordan Osmond...37 pts
3rd-Ian Page c/b..36 pts
Balls went down to..32  points.  Pro Shop Twos Comp..Mark Crutcher

Sunday 04/06/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Larry Marks...37pts,    2nd-Lorraine Regan..34pts, 3rd-Lynn Page...33pts

Sunday  04/06/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Jake Bourke, 2nd-Chris Holmes c/b , 3rd-Roscoe

NTP  17th-Bobby Brown,  Gobbles-Not played, Bradmans..Peter Whye

Saturday 03/06/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -

Medal Winners-
A Grade-Peter Campbell..69 nett ,B Grade-Paul Blizzard..71, C Grade-Max Gilbert..67 nett
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade-Peter Campbell..73 c/b, B Grade-Paul Blizzard..84, C Grade-Max Gilbert..85

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-Jordan Osmond, 17th-Matt Williams
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-James French,  9th-Wayne Honeman 15th-Brian Page

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp..A Grade-Peter Campbell..23,  B Grade-Paul Blizzard  27 . C Grade-Geoff Connelly..27
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-Col Blizzard
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck.   Membership Draw-David Hamblin

Pro Shop Two's-Not Struck

Ball Comp went down to 73



1st-J Barton..23 pts   2nd-Brian Norman..21 pts  3rd-Daggs O'Brien..18 pts

Wednesday 31/05/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Wayne Hewson...38 points, 2nd-Peter Doherty...37 pts c/b
3rd-Craig Watson...37 pts.
Balls went down to 32 points.  Pro Shop Twos Comp..Not struck

Sunday 18/05/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Jarrod Harding...36pts,    2nd-Marie Inwood..34pts, 3rd-Chris Fraser...34pts

Sunday  28/05/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Chris Holmes..33 nett, 2nd-Lloyd Foley...35 nett , 3rd-Peter Ward...35 nett

NTP  17th-Not Struck  Gobbles-Not played, Bradmans...Scratcher Hall

Saturday 27/05/17--2 MAN AMBROSE..Sponsored by Geoff Walker & Peter Rushby

1st-Aaron Moloney & Joel Shields...59.5

2nd-James French & Bailey Scott-Miller...61.25

3rd-Darky Oliver & Gary Nicolls...61.5

YOUNG DETAILING SERVICES NTPs-7th-Joel Shields  , 17th-Scrub Blizzard
Eagles Nest-Not struck
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-Shaun Rolfe &nKeith Duran
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Andrew & Col Miller 

Pro Shop Two's-Not Run

Balls went down to 62.75




1st- Chrissy Keevil..22 pts, 2nd-Wayne Hewson...20 pts, 3rd Darren O'Brien...19 pts


Wednesday 24/05/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Peter Doherty...38 points, 2nd-Kel Brodbeck...37 pts
3rd-Frank Lincoln...36 pts.
Balls went down to 32 points.  Pro Shop Twos Comp...Col Blizzard, Mark Crutcher 1 ball each.

Sunday  21/05/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Jim Brewster..33 nett, 2nd-Peter Eldridge...35 nett , 3rd-Zorba...35 nett

NTP  17th-Simon Murray,  Gobbles...Bobby Brown, Bradmans...Steve Eldridge

Saturday 20/05/17-- Individual Stb-Power Play..Mark Flanders Eye Q Sponsors

1st-Jake Norton..48 pts, 2nd-Sam Langford..45 pts c/b, 3rdIan Wells..45 pts

YOUNG DETAILING SERVICES NTPs-7th-Mark Crutcher, 17th-Rick Oliver
Eagles Nest-Not struck
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie- 18th...Mick Slater
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not struck

Pro Shop Two's--Mark Crutcher,Ian Wells, Steve Dewar...2 balls each

Balls went down to  39 pts.c/b

Thank you to Mark Flanders @ Eye Q for his generous sponsorship.


Wednesday 17/5/17 : - Medley Stableford - Pro's Comp - 
1st -Pud Smithers..39 pts c/b, 2nd -Greg Grounds..39 pts, 3rd -Mark Crutcher 38 pts,
Balls went down to 33 pts .

Pro Shop 2's-Not Struck

Congratulations to John Powderly on his very first EAGLE on the par 4 fifteenth hole

Sunday 14/05/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-GAVIN MARSHALL...34 pts,    2nd..Ron Flynn..32 pts


Sunday  14/05/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Peter Ward..36 nett, 2nd-Simon Murray..38nett , 3rd-Jacko Anderson.. 39nett

Bradmans..Rick Neilson..65 nett, NTP 7th-, Gobbles..Bluey Norton

Saturday 13/05/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -

Medal Winners-
A Grade-Bill Oliver..71 nett ,B Grade-John Hobson 69, C Grade-Jake Norton 63 nett
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade-Bill Oliver 74, B Grade-John Hobson 83, C Grade-Jake Norton 84

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-John Hobson, 17th-Bill Oliver
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-Ian Tierney,  9th-Wayne Honeman 15th-Darcy Whinam

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp..A Grade-Andrew Miller 25,  B Grade-Paul Blizzard  32 c/b . C Grade-Konar Miller 29
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-9th-Wayne Honeman
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck.   Membership Draw-Not Struck

Pro Shop Two's-James French..4 balls

Ball Comp went down to 34 pts.

FRIDAY COMP 12/05/17..STB.

1st-Chris Keevil & Maurice Penson..18 pts, 3rd-Ron Flynn...15 pts


Medal of Medal Winners 2016-17.

Darcy Whinam, David Taylor, Greg Murray, James French,Mick Kentwell, Rick Oliver, Greg Grounds, Bailey Scott-Miller, Steve Sell, Bill Oliver,Stu Norton, Ian Page, Steve Dewar, Andrew Miller, Matt Simmons, Aaron Moloney,

Patrick fitzgerald, John Rolfe



Wednesday 10/5/17 : - Medley Stableford - Pro's Comp - 
1st - Mark Flynn 40 pts, 2nd -John Hobson & Bryce Mawhinney 38 pts, 3rd -Mark Crutcher 37 pts,
Balls went down to 31  pts .

Pro Shop 2's-Mark Crutcher,Allan Moore,Steve Sell & Bryce Mawhinney..1 ball each

Sunday  07/05/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Peter Ward..32 nett, 2nd-Keith Freeman..35 nett  c/b, 3rd-Noel Bell 35 nett

Bradmans..Alan Anderson, NTP 17th-, Gobbles..Rick Nelson & Jacko Anderson


OPEN TOURNAMENT-Sunday Results..7/5/17.


A-GRADE SCRATCH WINNER.........Joel Shields-71

                             RUNNER  UP...Nick Cochrane-72

A-GRADE HANDICAP WINNER........Steve Sell-72 nett

                              RUNNER UP....Ian Page -72 nett c/b

B-GRADE SCRATCH WINNER........John Connell-87

                             RUNNER UP...Gary Anderson-90

B-GRADE HANDICAP WINNER......Adrian Hanrahan-74 nett

                             RUNNER UP...Barry Martens-75 nett

C-GRADE SCRATCH WINNER........Andrew Aiken-97

                             RUNNER UP...Scott Wilson-99

C-GRADE HANDICAP WINNER..........Brian Christie-70 nett

                              RUNNER UP......Peter Ferguson-70 nett c/b

VISITOR HANDICAP WINNER.........Paul Deep-74 nett

                             RUNNER UP....John Blackman-75 nett

JUNIOR HANDICAP WINNER.........Lachie Deep-76 nett

                            RUNNER UP....Mitch Deep-75 nett

NTP #7...Kim Herbert, #17...Duncan McCrone, Straightest Drive #14..Brian Christie






1ST-Joel Shields & James French-44 pts, 2nd-Ian Broderick & Steve Sell-35 pts


1ST-Ian Page & Bill Oliver-42 pts, 2nd-Todd Shipton & Mick Slater-42 pts c/b

INDIVIDUAL WINNER- John Hobson-38 pts

NTP #7-Wally Wilder, NTP # 17-Sam Page.

Pro Shop 2's- Sam Page & Wally Wilder..5 Balls each

Ball comp down to 32 pts.


Wednesday Pro's Comp-19/04/17...Single Stableford:

1st-Joel Shields..43 pts,  2nd-Steve Sell & Maurice Penson..39 pts .

Pro Shop Two's-Mark Crutcher..4 balls

Balls went down to 33pts.

Sunday 30/04/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Steve Sell..36pts, 2nd-Wayne Hewson..34 pts, 3rd-Catherine Aiken..31 pts

Sunday  30/04/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Ricky Nelson  32 nett, 2nd-Lloyd Foley  37 nett, 3rd-Jim Delahunty 37  nett

Bradmans..Y Dog, NTP 17th-Peter Ward, Gobble..Sandy Pronk..3rd, Y Dog..6th

 FRIDAY COMP 28/04/17..STB.

1st-Wayne Hewson & Maurice Penson...18 pts,  2nd-Brian Christie..17 pts


Saturday 29/04/17--3 Ball Multiplier / Individual Stb

1st-  Ron Flynn, Paul Flynn, Boo Hall & S Sneden..218 pts

Individual Winner-Leanne Slater..40 pts C/b

YOUNG DETAILING SERVICES NTPs-7th-Ian Page  , 17th-Not struck
Eagles Nest-Not struck
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie- Ian Page...
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Brian Page, 

Pro Shop Two's--Mr Ian Page..6 balls

Balls went down to  33 pts.c/b

Thank you to Steve May for his generous sponsorship.




1st-Wayne Hewson..18 pts, @nd-Maurice Penson..18 pts, 3rd-Brian Christie..17 pts

Sunday 23/04/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Steve Sell..35pts, 2nd-Marie Inwood..34 pts, 3rd-Chris Keevil..33 pts



Sunday  23/04/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Peter Ward..28 nett, 2nd-Sandy Pronk..29 nett, 3rd-Kevin Baker..35  nett

Bradmans..L Foley, NTP 17th-Bluey Norton, Gobble..Chris Holmes, (Eagle on 15th)

1st-Wayne Hewson..18 pts, @nd-Maurice Penson..18 pts, 3rd-Brian Christie..17 pts


Wednesday Pro's Comp-19/04/17...Single Stableford:

1st-Konar Miller..37pts,  2nd-Greg Broderick...37pts  c/b,  3rd-Bill Meagher,Darryl Brown...36 pts.

Pro Shop Two's-John Hobson,Mark Hawker

Balls went down to 31pts.



1st-James French..38 pts, 2nd-Bean Dean..37 pts c/b, 3rd-Ian Page..37 pts


Sunday 16/04/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Ian Page..38 pts, 2nd..Lorraine Regan..35 pts



Sunday  16/04/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-President Simon Murray..34 nett, 2nd-Peter Ward..36 nett, 3rd-Peter Eldridge..36  nett

Bradmans...Steve Eldridge,  NTP 17th-Keith Freemen


Saturday 15/04/17--Individual Stableford...Sponsors..BIG W

1st-Wayne Honeman..39 ptspts,   2nd-Ian Hill...36 pts c/b,  3rd-Allan Moore,Col Blizzard...36pts

YOUNG DETAILING SERVICES NTPs-7th-John Powderly, 17th-Dean Schofield
Eagles Nest-Not struck
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie- 9th...Steve Sell
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not struck, 

Pro Shop Two's--Allan Moore..6 balls

Balls went down to 33 pts.

Thank you to BIG W for their generous sponsorship.

Good Friday Comp..14/4/17--Individual Stableford.

1st-Bailey Scott-Miller..40 pts, 2nd- Peter Campbell..40 pts c/b,3rd-Wayne Honeman..37 pts


Wednesday Pro's Comp-12/04/17...Single Stableford:

1st-Brian Page..36pts, 2nd-Adrian Hanrahan...35pts  c/b, 3rd-Simon Oakes,Brian Norman..35 pts.

Pro Shop Two's-Pud Smithers

Balls went down to 32pts


Sunday  09/04/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Noel Bell..32 nett, 2nd-Peter Norton..33 nett, 3rd-Sandy Pronk..36  nett

Bradmans...Alan Anderson, Gobble-Ricky Neilson..13th. NTP 17th-Sandy Pronk

Cant Memorial Golf Day-8/4/17.4BBB & Individual

4BBB Winners..Grant Harding/Liz Harding..44 pts. Runners Up..Col & Trish Miller..42 pts

Individual Mens A Grade- Stu Norton..41 pts, Runner Up.. James French..35.

              Mens B Grade- John Rolfe..39 pts, Runner Up..Bailey Scott-Miller

              Mens C Grade-Darren O'Brien..40 pts, Runner Up..Greg Grounds..37

Individual Ladies..A Grade- Christobel French..34 pts, Runner Up..Kate Cooper..33 pts

                          B Grade-Penny Greaves..36 pts, Runner Up-Gail Hanigan..32 pts

                          C Grade-Carolyn Shaw..33 pts, Runner Up-Lynette Page..31 pts

Straightest Drives..... Mens-Wally Wilder. Ladies-Christobel French

Mens NTPs-7th..David Grant, 17th..James French.

Ladies NTPs- 13th..Suzy Manning, 7th..Noela Hardman

HOLE in ONE 17th...Wendy Tuckerman.

Ball Comp to 32 pts

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-David Grant, 17th-James French
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-James French,  9th-Gary Anderson. 15th-Matt Williams


Wednesday Pro's Comp-05/04/17...Single Stableford:

1st-John Jones..37 pts, 2nd-Wally Wilder...35 pts, 3rd-George Gerrard,James French,Geoff Walker,Col Blizzard,John Barton,Grant Harding..34 pts.

Pro Shop Two's-

Balls went down to 30pts

Sunday 02/04/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-James French..32 pts, 2nd..Wayne Honeyman..27 pts


Sunday  02/04/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Jim Delahunty..32 nett, 2nd-Max Murray..35 nett, 3rd-Sandy Pronk..36  nett

Bradmans...Y Dog

Saturday 01/04/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -

Medal Winners-
A Grade-Wally Wilder , B Grade-Gary Anderson, C Grade-Matt Williams
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade-Wally Wilder, B Grade-Gary Anderson, C Grade-Matt Williams

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-Cam Jones, 17th-James French
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-Ian Tierney,  9th-Phil Mitchell. 15th-Col Miller

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp..A Grade-Wally Wilder..23  B Grade-Adrian Hanrahan..27 . C Grade-Mick Slater..22
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-12th-Rick Oliver c/b 
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck.   Membership Draw-Not Sruck

Pro Shop Two's-Wally Wilder,Allan Moore,Matt Williams

Ball Comp went down to 73 pts.

Medal of Medal Winners 2016-17.

Darcy Whinam, David Taylor, Greg Murray, James French,Mick Kentwell, Rick Oliver, Greg Grounds, Bailey Scott-Miller, Steve Sell, Bill Oliver,Stu Norton, Ian Page, Steve Dewar, Andrew Miller, Matt Simmons, Aaron Moloney,

Patrick fitzgerald, John Rolfe



1st-Jarred..Nett 16,(EyeQ)..2nd-Cath Johnson..Nett 17,(Sportspower)

MIDWEEK-FRIDAY TOURNEY-9 holes --31/03/17.

1st-Brian Norman..21 pts. 2nd-Darren O'Brien..19pts, 3rd-John Jones..18 pts

 Wednesday Pro's Comp-29/03/17...Single Stableford:

1st-Ron Flynn..40 pts, 2nd-Wayne Hewson..40 pts c/b, 3rd-Rick Oliver..39 pts.

Pro Shop Two's-Steve May,Rick Oliver,Jarrod Harding,Allan Moore-1 Ball each

Balls went down to 33pts

Sunday 26/03/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Bailey Scott-Miller..42 pts,  2nd-Jarrod Harding...39 pts, 3rd-Steve May...38 pts,

Sunday 26/03/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Simon Murray..37nett, 2nd-Peter Eldridge..38 nett, 3rd-Ben Holmes..38 nett

Bradmans...Kev Baker,


Saturday 25/03/17..Single Stroke/Nett. Sporsored by Kim Watson & Watson Toyota.

A Grade-1st..Steve May..Nett 68, 2nd-Darryl Brown..Nett 72 c/b

B Grade- 1st..Wayne Honeman..Nett 69, 2nd- Adrian Hanrahan   Nett 71.

C Grade- 1st-Russell Healey..Nett 70, 2nd..Matt Williams..Nett 73.

Young Detailing Services NTP..7th-Wayne Honeman,17th-Russell Healey.

Keith Simmons Engineering NTP..3rd-Steve May, 9th-Kel Brodbeck, 15th-Greg Grounds.

Ian Page Bricklaying Lucky Card draw...Not Struck.

Terry BrothersCarpet Court Secret Birdie Hole..9th- Steve May.

Pro's Twos- Steve May & James French..3 balls each.

Balls went down to 72 nett

MIDWEEK-FRIDAY TOURNEY-9 holes --24/03/17.

1st-Ron Flynn 19 pts. 2nd-Wayne Hewson,Brian Christie,Dags O'Brien,David Robinson..17pts,



1st- Mark McCormack..Nett 14,(Sportspower)..2nd-Joy McCormack & Jackie Sheridan ..Nett 15,(Sportspower)

Wednesday Pro's Comp-22/03/17...Single Stableford:

1st-Brian Page..38 pts, 2nd- John Jones..37 pts, 3rd-David Grant..37 pts c/b

Pro Shop Two's- Not struck

Balls went down to 34 pts

Saturday 18/03/17 4BBB Stableford.

1st- Max Gilbert & Greg Grounds 46 pts, Individual 1st- Simon Oakes.

Bradmans- Barry Martens & Gary Nicolls.

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-James French, 17th-James French
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots- 3rd-Rick Oliver,  9th-Gary Nicolls.    15th-Barry Martens

Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie- 9th...Not Struck
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Greg Grounds,  Membership Draw-Not Sruck

Pro Shop Twos- Bill Oliver,James French,Greg Grounds

Thank you to our sponsors of the day Allan Moore & Grant Harding.

MIDWEEK-FRIDAY TOURNEY-9 holes --17/03/17.

1st-Chris Keevil..20 pts. & David Robinson..20 pts, 2nd- Penny Greaves..17pts, 3rd-Maurice Penson...16 pts


1ST-Grant Noakes..Nett 18,(Eye Q) 2nd-Steve Dewar..Nett 18 (Eye Q), 3rd-Mick Kentwell (YTPWS)& Penny Greaves ( Team Greaves)....19 Nett 


Wednesday 15/03/17:  PROS COMP - SINGLE Stableford

1st-Greg Grounds....37 points , 2nd-Max Gilbert...36 points  c/b
3rd-Rick Oliver..36 pts. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp...Rick Oliver...3 balls

Balls went down to 32 points

Club Championships-Mens : 12/3/17. Sponsors-SWSCU

 72 Hole Scratch Winners -

         A Grade:  Joel Shields  300,  Runner Up- James French  306

  •          B Grade: Paul Blizzard  344,  Runner Up- Jim Glasheen  348

  •          C Grade: Geoff Connolly  386,  Runner Up- Patrick Fitzgerald 387

  •         Junior Scratch Winner- Bailey Scott-Miller

  • 72 Hole Handicap Winners:

  •            A Grade:  Nick Bush  283  Nett, Runner Up-Simon Oakes  284 Nett

                    B Grade: Gary Anderson 291 Nett, Runner Up- David Martens 293 Nett C/B

                  C Grade: Peter Eldridge 299 Nett, Runner Up-Bob Stone 299 Nett c/b

             Thank you to SWSCU for their generous sponsorship

  • 18 Hole Sunday Comp ,12/3/17-Sponsored by Brian Page,Wayne Hewson & Ken Smith

  A Grade - Steve May 68 Nett, Runner Up- Jarrod Harding 69 Nett

  B Grade - Pat Brodbeck 67 Nett, Runner Up-Gary Anderson 71 Nett

  C Grade- Matt Simmons 69 Nett,  Runner Up- Patrick Fitzgerald 70 Nett

Congratulations to Peter (Zorba)Campbell- HOLE in ONE #13


Sunday 12/03/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Murray Hanley  33 nett, 2nd-Nev Rhodes 34 nett, 3rd-Simon Murray  35 nett

Bradmans....Bluey, NTP...Murray Hanley, Gobbles...Bobby Brown..


Wednesday 08/03/17:  PROS COMP - SINGLE Stableford

1st-Pud Smithers.. 37 points , 2nd- Ken Smith.. 36 points
3rd-China Holmes.. 35 pts. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp...Not Struck

Balls went down to 31 points


1ST-Leesa Langfield ..Nett 18,( Team Greaves) 2nd-Steve Haughey..Nett 19 (Eye Q), 3rd-Mick Kentwell..20 Nett  (YTPWS)

Club Championships-Mens : 4/3/17. Sponsors-SWSCU

Rd 1 Scratch -

         A Grade:  Joel Shields 72, Geoff Walker 73, Nick Bush 74

  •          B Grade: Bailey Scott-Miller 83, Wayne Honeman 85, Col Blizzard 85, Paul Blizzard 75
  •          C Grade: Max Gilbert 89, Greg Grounds 94, Peter Greaves 94, Geoff Connelly 96.
  • Rd 1 Handicap:
  •            A Grade:   Nick Bush  66, Simon Oakes  70, Steve May  70

                    B Grade:  Bailey Scott-Miller  69,  Jim Glasheen  71,  Paul Blizzard  72, Wayne Honeman 72

                  C Grade:  Max Gilbert  70,  Bob Stone  71,  Greg Grounds 71.

  • 36 Hole Scratch 
  •   A Grade- Joel Shields 143, Geoff Walker 148,  James French 151, 

  •   B Grade - Bailey Scott-Miller 165, Jim Glasheen 167, Col Blizzard 170

  •   C Grade- Geoff Connelly  190, Peter Greaves 195, Matt Williams 197.

36 Hole Handicap.

  • A Grade-Nick Bush 134, Simon Oakes  138, Simon Murray 141

  • B Grade- Bailey Scott- Miller 137, Jim Glasheen 139,  Col Blizzard 142
  • C Grade - Peter Eldridge 146, Bob Stone 149,  Matt Simmons 152 

Sunday 5/3/17:  Sponsored by Friday Martens,Greg Murray,Greg Grounds & Carmellos Pizza.

  •      A Grade- Simon Oakes 68 nett c/b, Jim Brewster 68 nett
  •       B Grade- Col Blizzard 67 nett, Jim Glasheen 68 nett
  •      C Grade- Peter Eldridge 68 nett, Craig Watson 73 nett

Sunday 05/03/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Peter (Coach) Whye  34 nett, 2nd-Murray  Hanley 37 nett, 3rd-Kev Baker 41 nett c/b

  Bradmans- Scratcher.     Straight Driver- Cecile,  NTP-Sanday Pronk


Saturday 04/03/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -

Medal Winners-
A Grade-Nick Bush , B Grade-Bailey Scott-Miller, C Grade-Max Gilbert
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade-Joel Shields,    B Grade-Bailey Scott-Miller, C Grade-Max Gilbert.
Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp..A Grade-James French  B Grade-Wayne Honeman . C Grade-Max Gilbert

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-James French, 17th-Steve Dewar
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-Bill Oliver,  9th-Robert Flynn.    15th-Darren O'Brien

Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-10th- Konar Miller
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck.   Membership Draw-Not Sruck

Pro Shop Two's-

Ball Comp went down to 32 pts



Friday 9 Hole Comp..3/3/17.

1st-Chris Keevil & David Robinson...18 pts


1ST-Grant Noakes ..Nett 18,c/b(Eye Q) 2nd-Jackie Sherida  Nett 18 (Sportspower), 3rd-Leesa L (Team Greaves) Nett 19


Wednesday 01/03/17:  PROS COMP - SINGLE Stableford
1st-David Robinson.. 39  points , 2nd- Sandy Pronk.. 38 points
3rd-Mark McCormack.. 37 pts.
Balls went down to 32points. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp...Kel Brodbeck, Wally Wilder, Mark Crutcher, Steve Sell...1  ball each.

Balls went down to 32 points

Players are reminded that their score cards are to be handed in as soon as they are signed and totalled. It is unacceptable for there to be a delay in doing so, thank you for your cooperation.


Sunday 26/02/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Gavin Marshall 36 pts,   2nd-Chris Fraser 35 pts c/b, 3rd-Chris Keevil 35pts,



Sunday 26/02/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Jacko Anderson 33 nett, 2nd-Lloyd Foley  34 nett, 3rd-Sandy Pronk 36 nett c/b

  Bradmans- Alan

Saturday 25/02/17- Single Stableford..The Pet Nanny Sponsors

1st-Ian Tierney..44 pts   2nd-James French...41 pts, 

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-Peter Campbell, 17th-Ian Tierney
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shot-
3rd-Nick Bush,  9th-James French.   15th-Greg Grounds

Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-Jake Norton
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck 

Pro Shop Two's-Steve Smith (2), James French (2), Jarrod Harding, Jordan Osmond.

Ian Tierney had his best score at YGC with a gross score of 71,a fabulous effort.

A special thanks to Mark & Joy McCormack for their generous sponsorship.


Friday 9 Hole Comp..24/2/17.

1st-Ron Flynn...21 pts, 2nd-Darren O'Brien...18 pts, 3rd-Allan Moore..17 pts






1ST-Peta Glasheen(YTPWS)..Nett 16, 2nd-Jim Glasheen (YTPWS) Nett 18, 3rd-Cath Johnson (Sportspower) Nett 19

Wednesday 22/02/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Barry Martens 38 points , 2nd-George Gerard 36 points
3rd-Steve Sell , Ken Smith & Jim Beath 35 points.
Balls went down to 30points. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp...Pud Smithers..6 balls.

Sunday 19/02/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Curly Keevil 39 pts,   2nd-James French  37pts c/b, 3rd-Alan Moore 37pts,

Sunday 19/02/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Peter (Coach) Whye 34 nett, 2nd-Peter Hall 34 nett c/b, 3rd-Ben Holmes 35 nett

NTP-Ben Holmes,   Bradmans- Sue Holmes


Saturday 18/02/17 :- Two Person Ambrose- Greenkeepers Revenge

1st-Geoff Walker/Brett Scelly 56 1/4 nett   2nd-Steve Sell/ Ian Broderick 61 1/2 nett,  3rd-Craig Taylor/ Steve Smith 62 nett, 

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-Rick Oliver, 17th-Rick Oliver
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shot-
3rd-Ian Wells,  9th-Wayne Honeman.   15th-Jayden Oliver

Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-Not Struck
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck 

Pro Shop Two's-Not struck


 17/02/17.  000 Day.

1st... Ryan Terry, Matt McKnight,Simon Oakes,Ben Dean...50 1/2 nett.

2nd...Robert Flynn,Gary Anderson,Aaron Moloney, Darcy Whinam..51 1/4 nett

3rd...Nick Bush, Matt Williams,Zac Williams, J Maloney...51 1/4 nett c/b

Wednesday 15/02/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Andrew Aiken...43 points , 2nd-David Grant...41 points
3rd-Darren O Brien,Max Gilbert & Ian Broderick...39 points.
Balls went down to 33points. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp..Wally Wilder, Max Gilbert, Ian Page & Steve Sell (2)..1 ball each.

Congratulations to new member Andrew on his first Weds Pro's Comp victory, also David Grant on his eagle 2 on the 6th hole , which gave him 6 pts !!!



Sunday 12/02/2017 : Club Stableford Comp

1st-Gavin Marshall  38 pts,   2nd-James French  37pts, 3rd-Gary Anderson 35pts,

Sunday 12/02/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Zorba..36 nett, 2nd-Cecile Rhodes..38nett, 3rd-Lloyd Foley..38 nett.

NTP...Zorba,   Bradmans...Y Dog


Saturday 11/02/17 :-  Single Stableford :- 

1st- Jono Watson 41 pts,  2nd-Pat Brodbeck  40 pts,  3rd-Wally Wilder  39 pts,  4th- Gavin Marshall 37 pts c/b 

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-James French, 17th-Jacob Norton
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shot-
3rd-Peter Campbell,  9th-Steve Dewar.    15th-Not Struck

Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-10th Joel Shields
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Not Struck 

Pro Shop Two's-Geoff Walker (3), 3 balls,  Pat Brodbeck,Steve Smith & James French... 1 ball each

Balls went down to 35 points

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS & THANK YOU TO Peter Eldridge,Bobby Brown & Young Hardware for their sponsorship




Wednesday 08/02/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Adrian Hanrahan...39 points , 2nd-Kel Brodbeck...38 points
3rd-Ros Anderson,Wally Wilder & Kurt Lyzun...37 points.
Balls went down to 31points. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp..Geoff Walker 12 balls

Sunday 05/02/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Keith Freeman 32 nett, 2nd-Nev Rhodes 37nett, 3rd-Lloyd Foley 37 nett.


Saturday 04/02/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -

Medal Winners-
A Grade-David Taylor , B Grade-John Rolfe, C Grade-Darcy Whinam
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade-Joel Shields,    B Grade-John Rolfe,     C Grade-Nathan Hall.
Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp..A Grade-David Hamblin  B Grade-John Rolfe . C Grade-Patrick Fitzgerald

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-Bill Oliver, 17th-Joel Shields
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shots-
3rd-Steve Sell,  9th-Gavin Marshall.    15th-Not Struck

Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-13th  Not Struck
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-Todd Shipton.   Membership Draw- Mick Slater

Pro Shop Two's-Bill Oliver & Jordan Osmond  6 balls each



Wednesday 01/02/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Wally Bronar...39 points C/B, 2nd-Darren O'Brien...39 points
3rd-Ron Flynn Flynn...38 points.
Balls went down to 34points. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp..Not Struck...Jackpots


Saturday  28.1.17. 4BBB Stableford

Sporsored by Peter Campbell,Nico & Simon Murray

Winners-Gary Anderson & Aaron Moloney 45 pts,C/B

Runners Up-Barry Martens & Russell Healey 45 pts


Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs - 3rd-Rick Oliver, 9th-Gary Anderson, 15th-Not struck

Watson Toyota Mens NTPs -
7th-David Hamblin, 17th-Adrian Hanrahan

Pro Shop Twos-Bill Oliver (2), David Hamblin (2), Rick Oliver

Secret Birdie Hole-Not struck       Lucky Card Draw-Max Gilbert & Pud Smithers

BALL COMP...Balls went down to 34 pts.

A big thank you to our Peter,Nico & Simon for their continued support.


Friday 27/01/2017 : 9 Hole Club Comp

1st-Chris Keevil...21 pts, David Robinson...21 pts

Thursday  26.1.17. Australia Day Medal.

Div  1..1st-Mick Alexander 35 pts, 2nd-Bill Oliver 34 C/B

Div 2..1st-Bradley Page 37 pts, 2nd-Col Blizzard 34 pts,

Div 3..1st-Patrick Fitzgerald 34pts, 2nd-Aaron Moloney 32 pts.


Div 1..1st-Liz Harding 37 pts, 2nd-Marie Inwood 35 pts.

Div 2..1st- Noela Hardman 35 pts, 2nd- Annette Alexander 33 pts

Australia Day Meda Winners...Bradley Page & Liz Harding


Wednesday 25/01/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Liz Harding 39 points , 2nd-Kel Brodbeck 38 points C/B
3rd-Mark Flynn, Brian Norman 38 points.
Balls went down to 33points. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp..Mark Crutcher..5 balls


 Sunday 22/01/2017 : Club Comp

1st-Col Miller....43 pts, 

Sunday 22/01/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Sandy Pronk 34 nett, 2nd-Ross Manskie 35 nett, 3rd-Ben Holmes  35 nett.

NTP #17-Rossco Manskie..     Bradmans...Bluey Norton 45 Nett

Thank you to our Sponsors Nev & Cecile


Saturday  21.1.17. 4BBB Stableford

Sporsored by Pud Smithers & Peter Ferguson

Winners- Jim Glasheen & Ian Wells..49 pts


Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs - 3rd-Ian Wells, 9th-Alan Moore, 15th-Peter Campbell

Watson Toyota Mens NTPs -
7th-Col Blizzard, 17th-Jim Glasheen

Pro Shop Twos-Not Struck

Secret Birdie Hole-Wally Wilder       Lucky Card Draw-Gavin Marshall

BALL COMP...Balls went down to 37 pts.

A big thank you to our Pud & Peter for his continued support.


Wednesday 18/01/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Rick Oliver 40 points , 2nd-Wayne Hewson  39 points,
3rd-Marie Inwood, Libby Plumley, Larry Marks  38 points.
Balls went down to 33points. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp..Not Struck 

Sunday15/01/2017 : Club Comp

1st-Nick Bush 41pts, 2nd-Jarrod Harding 37 pts,

Saturday  14.1.17. Single Stableford sporsored by Powderly's Pumping & Irrigation.

A Grade..1st-Simon Oakes 41 pts, 2nd-Grant Harding 39 pts, 3rd-John Connell 37 pts.

B Grade..1st- Kim Watsin 39 C/B, 2nd-GJ Nicolls 39 pts, 3rd-Col Blizzard 36 pts.

C Grade..1st-Ron Flynn 40 pts, 2nd- Geoff Connelly 38 pts, 3rd-Darren O'Brien 34 pts

Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs - 3rd-Rick Oliver, 9th-John Rolfe, 15th-Col Miller

Watson Toyota Mens NTPs -
7th-Mark Crutcher, 17th-David Taylor

Pro Shop Twos-Bill Oliver, Mark Crutcher,James French,Pud Smithers..3 Balls each

Secret Birdie Hole-Rick Oliver,        Lucky Card Draw-Darky Oliver


Balls went down to 35 pts.

A big thank you to our sponsor John Powderly for his continued support.

Friday 9 Hole Comp.13/1/17..Single Stableford.

1st-Ron Flynn  21 pts,  2nd-Chris Keevil 20 pts

Wednesday 11/01/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-John Powderly 42 points C/B, 2nd-Mark Crutcher 42 points,
3rd-Lorraine Regan 40 points.
Balls went down to 34 points. 

Pro Shop Twos Comp..Rick Oliver (2), Mark Crutcher, Ian Page,Mark McCormick.. 1 balls each.

Sunday 08/01/2017 : Club Comp

1st-Marie Inwood..38pts, 2nd-Rick Oliver.. 36 pts,

Sunday 08/01/17..SOCIAL CLUB

 1st-Sandy Pronk 32 nett, 2nd-Ross Manskie 34 nett, 3rd-Peter Eldridge 35 nett.

Gobbles...Jacko & Mel     Bradmans...Y Dog

Saturday 7/01/17 :-  Stroke :- 
Keith Simmons Engineering - Monthly Medal -

Medal Winners-
A Grade-Steve Sell 64 Nett , B Grade-John Rolfe 68 Nett, C Grade-Aaron Moloney 68 Nett.
Elite Cup Scratch Winners -
A Grade-Darky Oliver 69 Gross, B Grade-John Rolfe 84 Gross, C Grade-Aaron Moloney 92 Gross.
Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting Comp..A Grade-David Hamblin. B Grade-Gavin Marshal. C Grade-John Powderly

Young Detailing Service NTPs-7th-Jarrod Harding, 17th-Jim Brewster
Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs for 2nd shot-
3rd-David Taylor,9th-Wayne Asher. 15th-Greg Grounds
Terry Bros Carpet Court Secret Birdie-9th Michael Slater
Ian Page Bricklaying card draw-G J Nicolls.   Membership Draw-Craig Watson

Pro Shop Two's- Kel Brodbeck, Darky Oliver, Geoff Walker, Wayne Honeman, 4 balls each


Wednesday 04/01/17:  PROS COMP - Medley Stableford
1st-Joel Shields 39 points, 2nd-Helen Spencer 38 points C/B,
3rd-Alan Moore 38 points.
Balls went down to 32 points.  Pro Shop Twos Comp...Alan Moore & Mark Crutcher..3 balls each.

Monday Comp 02/01/2017. Medley Stableford

1st- Steve Sell..36 pts

Sunday 01/01/2017 : Club Comp

1st-Chris Keevil..38pts, 2nd-Chris Fraser  C/B.. 36 pts, 3rd-Wayne Honeman..36 pts

Sunday 01/01/17..SOCIAL CLUB

1st- Jim Delahunty 31 pts, 2nd-Kev Baker 32 pts, 3rd-Alan Anderson 35 pts

NTP...Sandy Pronk,     Bradmans...Y Dog