Results 2019 July-Dec

Sunday 29/12/19:- Medley Stableford

Winner Kyle McGovern $30 Voucher 

1st - Gary Anderson 38 Pts

Sam Woods Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole # 8  Not Struck

Jackpot Stands at $120 for 5/1/20 

Sunday :- Social Club 9 Hole Event 29/12/19 

1st  - Murray Hanley            30

2nd  - Pauline Collier           32 on c/b

3rd  - Cecile Rhodes             32

26 Players


1st prize - Margy Brown - Set Golf Clubs and Bag

2nd prize - Andrew Sabidussi - Wine

Saturday 28/12/19:- One Grade Single Stableford

1st   Alan  Anderson              46 Pts

2nd  Craig  Watson                40 Pts

3rd Charles Collingwood- Boots   39 Pts

N.T.P's #7  Wayne  Honeman    163cm

           #17 Robert Field (Yass)  306cm

Eagles Nest #17  Not  Struck

Secret Birdie Hole #5  Alan Wilder

Card Draw  Bill Oliver

Auto Pro's Special Card Draw

1  Steve Smith

2 David Ambrose ( Shellharbour)

Balls down to 36 Pts

Thanks to today's Sponsors   Base Wharehouse,

Workwear Centre and Auto Pro

Friday 27/12/19:- Medley Single Stableford

1st    Paul  Levett                40 Pts

2nd  Robert Norton             36 Pts c/b

3rd  Gail Hanigan                36 Pts

Balls down to  32 Pts

Thursday 26/11/2019:- Medley Single Stableford

1st - Barry Gaal        39 pts

2nd - Todd Shipton   37 pts

3rd - Darcy Whinam  36  pts

Balls to 33 pts

Sunday 22/12/19:- Medley Stableford

Winner Kyle McGovern $30 Voucher 

Nick Matwijow Nelson Bay Golf Club  40 Pts

Sam Woods Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole # 4  Not Struck

Jackpot Stands at $90 for 29/12/19 

Sunday 22/12/19:-Social Club Foursomes

1st  Murray Hanley & Alan Anderson       68 Nett

2nd Peter Campbell & Nugget Norton      69 Nett

3rd Chris Holmes & Cecile Rhodes         69.5 Nett

Saturday 21/12/19:- 4BBB stableford

1st   Ryan Terry & Brendan McMillan     55 Pts

2nd  Peter Terry & Mark Sheridan         53 Pts

3rd  Ronald Thompson & David Taylor   49 Pts

N.T.P's  #7  Tod Shipton  106cm

            #17 Mick Ashton  96cm

Eagles Nest #17  Not Struck

Repco "C" Grade/2nd Shot/3rd Hole  Not Struck

Secret Birdie Hole #6 Ryan Terry ( Card Draw )

Lucky Card Draw  Gary Nicolls (211)

Vinnie's Pizza Award Jim Glasheen & Ian Wells

Thanks to to-day's Sponsore Milnes Country Style Meats, Phil Mitchell & Sportspower Young

Wednesday 18/12/19:- Medley Stableford

1st - Robert Norton (Clover Leigh) 40 pts

2nd - Laurie Brown                      39 pts on c/b

3rd - Trish Miller                          39 pts on c/b

4th - Terry Perrin                         39 pts

5th - Gail Hanigan                       37 pts on c/b

Balls to 33 points on a countback.

Sunday 15/12/19:- Allied Grains Cherry Festival Cup

Open 2 Person Ambrose

1st - Joy & Mark McCormick        60.75

2nd - Jim & Peta Glasheen           61

3rd - Allan Moore & John Connell    61.5

NTP 7th - David Robinson     17th - Darky Oliver

Bradmans - Ron Flynn & Paul Powderly   79.5


Thanks to Barry Hazelgrove, Allied Grain Systems and Rotary

Sunday 15/12/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st  - Jim Delahunty           34 Nett on c/b

2nd  - Ross Manskie           34 Nett

11 Players

Saturday 14/12/19:- 4 Ball Twister

1st  Terry Shipp & Laurie Brown         67 Pts c/b

2nd  Ian Page & Bill Oliver                  67 Pts

3rd  Craig Gault & Beau Elsley             64 Pts

N.T.P's #7  Mick Slater

             #17 Mark Crutcher

Eagle's nest #17   Not Struck

Repco "B" Grade 2nd Shot/15th hole  Phil Mitchell

Card  Draw Not Struck

Norman Crawford Matchplay Final

Ian Page Def Jim Brewster   4/2

Thanks to to-day's Sponsors Patrick Fitzgerald &

Keith Duran

Friday 13/12/19:- 9 Hole Stableford

1st    Larry  Marks           25 Pts

2nd   Ron  Flynn              23 Pts

3rd   Paul  Levett             22 Pts

Balls went down to 18 Pts

Wednesday 11/12/19:- Medley Stableford

1st Karen Hamilton-Gibbs      45pts

2nd Geoff Walker                    43pts

3rd Brian Christie                    38pts

4th Rick Oliver                         37pts c/b

5th Noela Hardman                 37pts

6th Barry Martens                   37pts

Balls to 31pts c/b

 Sunday 8/12/19:- Medley  Stableford 

Winner Kyle McGovern $30 Voucher

Cameron Jones      38 Pts 

Sam Woods Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole #4   Not struckJackpot on 15/12/19 to $60

Sponsored by Sam Woods & Hilltops Secuity. 


 Sunday 8/12/19:- Social Club Trophy Day  

                                14 Hole event                 

1st  Jacko Anderson & Cecile Rhodes       36 Pts

2nd Paul Levett  &  Ross Manskie             33 Pts

3rd Alan Anderson & Sandy Pronk            31 Pts

Saturday 7/12/19:- Keith Simmons Engineering

Monthly Medal

Medal Winners

A Grade - Todd Shipton     67 

B Grade - Garry Nicolls      69

C Grade - Garry Tamainu   67 on c/b

Scratch Winners

A Grade - Bill Oliver             72

B Grade - George Glasheen 82

C Grade - Friday Martens    93

N.T.P'S #7 - Andrew Aiken

             #17 - Gary Anderson

N.T.P's #3 - David Hamblin

            #9 - Darryl Brown

            #15 - Simon Makeham

NTP 's # 16 - Andrew Miller

Eagles Nest #17 - Gary Anderson 

Secret Birdie Hole - # 7th - Todd Shipton


A Grade -  Steve May       25

B Grade -  Col Blizzard    23

C Grade -  Terry Shipp    28

Card Draw - Todd Shipton

Vinnies Voucher - Naga Award - Jim Glasheen

Ball Comp went down to 72 nett.

60 Players

Thanks to all our Sponsors      

Friday 6/12/19 - 9 Hole Comp

1st - Brian Christie         24 pts

2nd - Trish Miller            22 pts

Balls to 20 pts on a c/b.  14 Players

Wednesday 4/12/19 - Medley Stableford

1st - Shaun Rolfe             41 pts on c/b

2nd - Adrian Hanrahan    41 pts

3rd - Allan Moore             40 pts

4th - Andrew Aiken          39 pts

5th - Wayne Hewson        38 pts on c/b

6th - Maureen Perkins      38 pts

Balls went down to 32 points neat

Sunday 1/12/19:- Single Medley Stableford

1st Dean Schofield       41pts

2nd Brett Scelly            38pts c/b

3rd Grant Harding        38pts

Sam Woods Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole #4 Struck by Dean Schofield

Balls to 34pts   c/b

Sunday 1/12/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st     Sue  Holmes              28 Nett

2nd   Simon  Murray           31 Nett

3rd   Paul  Levett                32 Nett

Saturday 30/11/19:- Single Stableford

1st      Greg  Nolan                 42 Pts  c/b

R/up  Trevor Major                42 Pts

N.T.P's  # 7  Steve  May

             # 17 Pud  Smithers

Secret Birdie Hole # 17   Pud Smithers

Eagles Nest  #17   Not  Struck

Card Draw     Not Struck

Vinnies Pizza Award    John Hobson

Balls went down to 35 Pts on c/b

Thanks to todays Sponsor   Twomey's

Friday 29/11/19 - 9 Hole Comp

1st - John Barton 23 pts

2nd - Dave Robinson 22 pts

Balls to 18 pts.

Wednesday 27/11/19:- Medley Stableford

1st Penny Greaves      40pts

2nd Bill Meagher     38pts c/b

3rd Frank Lincoln    38pts

4th Rick Oliver     38pts

5th Chris Keevil    38pts

Balls to 32 pts c/b

Sunday 24/11/19:- Medley Stableford

1st Aaron Moloney    35pts   

2nd Chris Keevil     34pts c/b  

3rd Shaun Rolfe    34pts

4th Matt McKnight    33pts  

Sam Woods Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole #3 Not Struck

Sunday 24/11/19:- Social Club 9 Hole event

1st   Peter  Whye                 33 Nett c/b

2nd  Peter  Norton               33 Nett c/b

3rd   Murray Hanley             33 Nett

Saturday 23/11/19:- 4BBB Stableford

1st  Mick Ashton & Bradley Ashton        46 Pts

R/Up Des Daley & Peter Conway (V)     45 Pts

N.T.P's  # 7    Mick Ashton

             #17  Rick Oliver

Eagles Nest # 17  Not Struck

Repco "A" Grade 3rd Shot 1st Hole Daryl Brown

Secret Birdie Hole #1   Daryl Brown

Card Draw  Not Struck

Match Play Result

Ian Page def Matt Simmons  4/3

Balls Went down to 43 Pts

Wednesday 20/11/19:- Ball Medley Stableford

1st Karen Hamilton-Gibbs  41pts

2nd Allan Moore  39pts c/b

3rd Lynn Page  39pts

Balls down to     31 Pts on c/b

Sunday     17/11/19     Medley Stableford

1st  Beau Elsley        38pts

2nd  Gary Anderson   36pts  c/b

3rd   Matt McKnight   36pts

Sam Woods Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole #1  Struck By Matt McKnight, Andrew Miller, Gus Stinson

Balls To  35pts c/b

Sunday    17/11/19    Sunday Social Club Championships

A-Grade Scratch    Peter Campbell

A-Grade Handicap  Jacko Anderson

B-Grade Scratch   Paul Levett

B-Grade Handicap Peter Hall

C-Grade Scratch  Murray Hanley

C-Grade Handicap  Pauline Collier

Saturday  16/11/19:-  Single Stableford

A Grade   1st   Gary  Anderson       35 Pts

               2nd   Steve  May               34 Pts c/b

B Grade  1st   Bruce Godden ( Caloundra )  39 Pts

               2nd  Ron  Thompson         38 Pts

C Grade   1st  Peter  Doherty           40 Pts

                2nd Laurie  Brown            37 Pts

N.T.P's    #7  Not Struck

                #17 Not Struck

Repco  "C" Grade 2nd Shot 9 Hole   Not Struck

Secret Birdie Hole #9   Not Struck

Eagles Nest # 17  Not Struck

Card Draw   Ian Thorley   (Gympie )

Balls went down to 34 Pts c/b

Thanks to todays Sponsor Kim Watson/Watson Toyota 

Friday 15/11/19

Norton Realty Charity Day 4 Person Ambrose


1st  South West Stone            54.25

2nd Watson Toyota                 54.50

3rd Nick Bush                          54.50

4th Kyle McGovern Electrical  54.875 

5th Norton Realty                    55.125

N.T.P's  #7 Kyle McGovern

             #13  John Laybutt

             #16  Bruce Mason

             #17  Bailey Coombes

120 Players

Another very successful day run by Norton Realty

Friday 15/11/19:- 9 Hole Comp

1st   Wayne  Hewson          19 Pts       

Wednesday 13/11/19 Medley Stableford

1st - Karen Hamilton-Gibbs    41 pts

2nd - John Snodgrass             40 pts

3rd - Joy McCormick               39 pts

4th - Terry Shipp                    38 pts

5th - Brian Christie                37 pts c/b

6th - Max Gilbert                   37 pts c/b

Balls to 31 pts on a c/b.

Sunday 10/11/19  Medley Stableford


1st  Kyle McGovern        41pts

2nd  Shaun Rolfe            39pts

3rd   Jim Brewster          37pts

Sam Woods Hilltops Regional Security

Secret birdie Hole #7      Matt McKnight. Jackpot $30- 17/11/19

Balls  To 35pts c/b

Sunday 10/11/19 Social Club Championships Round 1

1st Peter Campbell  78 scratch 68 nett

2nd Pauline Collier 108 scratch 70 nett

3rd Simon Murray 81 scratch 71 nett

Saturday 9/11/19

NRL Challenge sponsored by Geoff Hill

1st - Grant Harding        43 pts

2nd - Ron Thompson      41 pts on c/b

3rd - Michael Slater        41 pts

NTPs- 7th - Darryl Brown, 17th - Steve May

Repco NTP 2nd Shot 3rd Hole - B Grade - Barry Gaal

Eagles Nest - Not Won

Secret Birdie - Not Won

Vinnies Pizza Award - Paul Flynn

Ian Page Card Draw - Not Won

Balls to 34 points.

Friday 8/11/19:-  9 Hole Comp

1st   Brett  Scelly             26 Pts

2nd  Larry Marks             23 Pts

3rd   Col  Miller                22 Pts 

Wednesday 6/11/19 Medley Stableford

1st - Greg Broderick     40 pts c/b

2nd - Peter Doherty      40 pts

3rd - Darryl Brown        39 pts c/b

4th - Trish Miller            39 pts

5th - Liz Harding            38 pts c/b

6th - Greg Murray           38 pts c/b

Balls to 32pts 

Tuesday 5/11/19:- Medley Stableford

1st   Penny  Greaves         41 Pts

2nd  Chris  Keevil              29 Pts

3rd  Carolyn Shaw             25 pts

Sunday 3/11/19:- Medley Stableford

1st   Cameron Jones        37 Pts

2nd  Gary  Anderson        36 Pts c/b

3rd  Dean  Schofield        36 Pts

Sam Woods Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole #16  Not Struck

Secret Birdie Hole Jackpot $60 on 10/11/19

7 Players

Sunday 3/11/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st   Simon Murray         29 Nett

2nd  Lloyd  Foley            33 Nett

3rd  Paul  Levett             36 Nett

N.T.P #7   Peter  Hall

15 Players

Saturday 2/11/19:- Keith Simmons Engineering

Monthly Medal

Medal Winners

A Grade   Mark Hawker         71 c/b

B Grade   Sam Woods           67

C Grade   Ross Manskie        65

Scratch Winners

A Grade  Steve Connelly     77

B Grade  Sam Woods          83 

C Grade  Charles Collingwood-Boots     92

N.T.P'S #7  Mark Hawker

             #17  Brian Page

N.T.P's #3  Mark Hawker

            #9  Steve Dewar

            #15 Charles Collingwood-Boots

Eagles Nest  #17   Not Struck

Secret Birdie Hole #11 Charles Collingwood-Boots


A Grade   Gary  Anderson         28 c/b 

B Grade   Sam Woods               25

C Grade   Craig Watson            29 c/b

Card Draw  Not  Struck

Vinnies Voucher  Trevor  Major

52 Players

Thanks to all our Sponsors        


Friday 1/11/19:-  9 Hole Comp

1st   Peter  Norton        19 Pts

2nd  Paul  Levett          16 Pts  C/b

5 Players 

Wednesday 30/10/19 Medley Stableford

1st Bob Stone            38pts c/b

2nd Mark Shipp          38pts

3rd Pud Smithers       37pts c/b

Balls to 31pts c/b

Sunday 27/10/19 Mixed Foursomes Championships

Scrath Winners:- Michelle Blizzard & Steve Connelly 129

Scratch Runners-up:-Marie Inwood & Allan Moore 130

Handicap Winners:- Suzy Manning & Aaron Moloney 109 c/b

Handicap Runners-up:- Maureen Perkins & Steve May 109

Sunday 27/10/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st  Jake  Boutke      32 Nett c/b

2nd Nora  Styles       32 Nett

3rd  Jim Delahunty   33 Nett

N.T.P # 7  Peter Norton

Sunday 27/10/19:- Medley Stableford

1st  Matt Mcknight:-        35pts

2nd Mark Shipp:-             34pts c/b

3rd  Peter Hamblin:-        34pts

Secret Birdie Hole # 1  Struck by Matt Mcknight

Jackpot back to $30 3/11/19

Saturday 26/10/19:- Men's Single Stableford

1st   Matt Simmons         40 Ptd c/b

2nd Steve Dewar             40 Pts c/b

3rd Mark Hawker             40 Pts

N.T.P   # 7  Grant Noakes

           #17 Mick Slater

Eagles Nest #17   Not Struck

Secret Birdie Hole #16  Mick Slater

Ian Page Card Draw  Tod Shipton

Vinnies Pizza Award  Gary O Nicholls

Balls went down 34 Pts c/b

Thanks to todays Sponsor David Hamblin

47 Players

Friday 25/10/19:-  9 Hole Stableford

1st   Brett Scelly           22 Pts on c/b    2 Balls

2nd  Brian Christie        22 Pts               1 Ball

Cut off for prizes 22 pts.

6 Players

Wednesday 23/10/19:- Medley Stableford

1st - Paul Levett 45 pts

2nd - Phil Mitchell 44 pts

3rd - Craig Watson 40 pts

4th - Allan Moore 39 pts

5th - Craig Gault 38 pts

Balls to 31pts c/b

61 Players

Sunday 20/10/19:- Medley Stableford

1st Michael Smith 42pts

2nd Matt Mcknight 41pts

3rd Ray Hargraves 39pts

4th Jim Brewster 36pts

Sam Woods Hilltops Regional Security

Secret Birdie Hole #7      3 Winners  Matt Mcknight  Cameron Jones Chris Keevil

Saturday 19/10/19:- 4BBB Medley Stableford

Pink Shirt Day

Team winners J Coddington & P Stolhand  45 Pts c/b

Men's Individual Winner   Max  Gilbert     40 Pts

Ladies Individual Winner  Marie Inwood  37 Pts

Men's  N.T.P #7  Steve Connelly

                     #17  Mark McCormick 

Repco "C" Grade 2nd Shot 9th Hole  Errol Perkins

Ladies  N.T.P  "A" Grade #7  Sandy Pronk

            N.T.P "C" Grade #13 Estelle Roberts

Eagles Nest #17  Not Struck

Secret Birdie Hole #18  Peter Campbell

Card Draw    Not  Struck

Balls down to 41 Pts c/b

Players 49 Men and 22 Ladies

Thanks to todays Sponsors Col & Michelle Blizzard

and all our regular sponsors

Friday 18/10/19:-  9 Hole Stableford

1st   Trish  Miller           20 Pts         3 Balls

2nd  Grant Noakes        19 Pts c/b  2 Balls

3rd  Wayne Hewson      19 Pts        1 Ball

       Paul  Levett            19 Pts         1 Ball

15 Players

Wednesday 16/10/19:- Medley Stableford

1st Greg Broderick          39pts  c/b

2nd Barry Martens           39pts

3rd Joan Coddington        37pts  c/b

Balls To                             32pts  c/b

43 Players

Sunday 13/10/19:- Medley Stableford Event

1st   Mark  Shipp                37 Pts c/b

2nd  Craig Gault                 37 Pts

3rd  Aaron Moloney            33 Pts c/b

4th  Matt  McKnight            33 Pts

Secret Birdie Hole #7   Not  Struck

Jackpot for Sunday 20/10/19    $60        13 Players

Sunday 13/10/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st   Justin Sheather         34 Nett c/b

2nd  Peter Hall                  34 Nett c/b              

3rd  Noel Bell                    34 Nett

Saturday 12/10/19:- Keith Simmons Monthly Medal

A Grade Medal Winner  Bill Oliver           71

B Grade Medal Winner  Mick Kentwell    68

C Grade Medal Winner  Trevor Major      70

A Grade Scratch Winner  Bill Oliver        74

B Grade Scratch Winner  Mick Kentwell  82

C Grade Scratch Winner  Peter Greaves  94

Putting Comp Winner  Mick Kentwell   27

N.T.P #7  Jim Brewster

         #17 Bill Oliver

Repco B Grade 2nd Shot 5th Hole  Darryl Brown

N.T.P A Grade 2nd Shot 3rd Hole  Bill Oliver

         B Grade 2nd Shot 9th Hole  Darryl Brown

         C Grade 2nd Shot 15th Hole Maurice Penson

N.T.P # 16  Aaron Moloney

Secret Birdie Hole #6  Terrence Shipp

Eagles Nest #17 Not Struck

Card Draw  Col Blizzard

Vinnie's Award    Alan Moore

Balls went down to 75 Nett c/b       46 Players

Friday 11/9/19:- 9 Hole Stableford

1st Wayne Hewson 23pts

2nd Ron Flynn 19pts

11 Players

Wednesday 9/10/19:- Medley Stableford

1st Allan Moore 38pts c/b

2nd Col Miller 38pts

3rd Mark Hawker 37pts

Balls to 33pts c/b

Monday 7/10/19:- Medley Stableford

Ball Sweepstakes

1st - Jake Veney 51 pts

2nd - Ron Thompson 39 pts on c/b

3rd - Ron Flynn 39 pts

Balls to - 32 pts


Long Weekend

36 Holes Medley 3 Person Ambrose

Scratch Winners -

Cameron Jones, Mick Ashton, Brad Ashton 123

Scratch Runners Up -

Rick Oliver, James French, Wayne Honeman 127

Net Winners -

Mark Shipp, Dean Friend, Josh Langford 110

Net Runners Up -

Mark Hawker, Jo Hawker, Henry Hobson 113

Sunday 6/10/19:- 2nd Day 3 Person Ambrose

Scratch Winners -

James Brewster, Ray Hargraves, Brett Scelly 65

Scratch R/up -

Mat McKnight, Shaun Rolfe, Beau Elsley 67

Net Winners -

Phil Mitchell, Andrew Aiken, Laurie Brown 59 1/6

Net R/up -

Gary Anderson, Aaron Moloney, Des Daley 59 1/3

N.T.P   #7 - Pauline Collier

            #13 - Andrew Aiken

            #16 - Ryan Terry

            #17 - Cameron Jones

Second shot #18 - James French

43 Men and 8 Ladies played 


Saturday 5/10/19:- 1st Day 3 Person Ambrose

Scratch Winners -

Stuart Norton, Bill Oliver, Ian Page 60

Scratch R/up -

David Hamblin, Peter Hamblin, Allan Moore 66

Net Winners -

Phillip Oliver, Kyle McGovern, Brendan McMillan 58 1/6

Net R/up -

Barry Martens, Adrian Hanrahan, Garry Nicolls 59 1/6

N.T.P   #7 - Ron Thompson

            #13 - Stuart Norton

            #16 - Kim Watson

            #17 - Barry Martens

Second shot #18 - Mark Hawker

Eagles Nest #17 Struck by Barry Martens  12 Balls  

53 Men and 10 Ladies played   

Friday 4/10/19:-9 Hole Stableford

Equal 1st

Ron   Flynn            17 Pts

Larry Marks           17 Pts  c/b

3rd  Colin Miller     17 Pts

9 Players

Wednesday 2/10/19 - Medley Stableford

1st - Butch Davidson - 41pts

2nd - J R Barton - 40pts

3rd - Bill Meagher - 39pts

Balls To - 32pts

Young Services Club Legends Pro-Am - Professionals results

1st    -      Steve Conran 68 & 67 - Total 135  (5 Under Par)

Tied 2nd -John Onions - 70 & 68 - Total 138  (2 Under Par)

               - Brad Burns - 67 & 71 - Total 138  (2 Under Par)

Monday 30/9/19 - Young Services Club Legends Pro-Am

Ladies - 1st - Pam Stolhand 42 pts

            - 2nd - Noela Hardman 38 pts

            - 3rd - Chris Keevil 36 pts

Mens - 1st - Geoff Connelly 36 pts

         - 2nd - Dean Schofield 34 pts

         - 3rd - Daryl Brown 33 pts

         - 4th - Wally Wilder 33 pts

Best Scratch Score - Geoff Walker 33 pts

Ntps- 7th - Andrew Aiken

       - 13th - Pam Stolhand

       - 17th - Mick Paterson (Binalong)

Long Drives - 14th - Steve May, Chrissie Keevil

Thanks to all the players and sponsors!

Sunday 29/9/19:- Medley Stableford

1st  James French                39 Pts

2nd  Ray Hargraves              38 Pts

3rd  Lorraine Regan              37 Pts

4th  Wayne Honeman            34 Pts c/b

Hilltops Security Services Secret Birdie Hole # 2   Struck by Aaron Moloney

for Jackpot of $120.  Jackpot back to $30  6/10/19

17 Players

Sunday 29/9/19:- Social Club Canadian Foursomes

1st     Sandy Pronk & Alan Anderson

2nd      Cheryl  Whye &  Nora Stiles

3rd     Simon Murray & Jacko Anderson

24 Players

Saturday 28/9/19:- 4BBB Stableford & Individual


Winners   M McCormick & T Shipton        46 Pts

R/up       T Patton  & P Webber                45 Pts

3rd          T Major  & G Murray                  44 Pts

Individual Winner   M Ashton                   42 Pts

N.T.P  #7    M Kentwell

           #17 M McCormick

Vinnies Vouchers

              S Norton & P Fitzgerald     

Card Draw  G Connelly

Thanks to our Sponsors       Aaron Moloney,  Darcy      

            Whinham &  Gary Anderson

 50 Players           

Friday 27/9/19:-     9 Hole Comp

1st Larry Marks              21pts

2nd David Robinson       20pts c/b

3rd Brian Christie           20pts

Balls to 19pts

Wednesday 25/9/19:- Medley Stableford

1st  Steve May               42pts

2nd John Jones              38pts c/b

3rd Geoff Connelly         38pts

Balls to                           33 pts

Sunday 22/9/19:- Kyle McGovern Electrical Individual Medley Stableford

1st   Justin  Sheather          44 Pts

2nd  Jim  Brewster              40 Pts  c/b

3rd  Marie  Inwood              40 Pts

4th  Mark  Shipp                   37 Pts

Secret Birdie Hole #12  Not Struck

Hilltops Security Services Secret Birdie Hole Jackpots to $120 29/9/19

19 players

Sunday 22/9/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st     Sue  Holmes                    31 Nett

2nd    Jim Delahunty                32 Nett

3rd    Paul Powderly                 33 Nett

N.T.P #17 Paul Levett

23 Players


Mixed 4BBB 1st - Pam Stolhand & Wayne Honeman 44 pts c/b

Mixed 4BBB 2nd - Larraine Nicolls & Allan Moore 44 pts

Mens single stableford -1st - Barry Gaal 39 pts

Ladies single stableford - 1st - Michele Blizzard 35 pts

NTPs - 7th Garry Taimainu   17th - Darcy Whinam

Many thanks to the 52 players who braved the trying weather conditions and supported the day.

Friday 20/9/19:- Individual Stableford 9 Holes

1st    Ron  Flynn           21 Pts

2nd   Terry Perrin        20 Pts

Wednesday 18/9/19:- Medley Stableford

1st Greg Broderick     37pts

2nd Max Gilbert         36pts

3rd Wayne Hewson    35pts c/b

Balls to 31pts c/b

Sunday 15/9/19:- Mercy Care 2 Person Ambrose Day

Team Winners - Men R Oliver & M Shipp       60 Nett

                        - R/up C Miller & A Miller       60.25 Nett

                        - 3rd S Murray & M Hanley     62.25 Nett

Team Winners - Ladies P Stolhand & C Shaw 69 Nett

                        - R/up L Page & G Hanigan     72.5 Nett

                        - 3rd N Hardman & S Holmes  73.25 Nett

Team Winners - Mixed S Holmes & C Holmes 67.5 Nett

                        - R/up S Glasheen & J Glasheen 68.25 N 

                        - 3rd C Aiken & A Aiken            71 Nett 

N.T.P #7    Men   Alan Wilder

                  Ladies Noela Hardman

Longest/Straight Drive  #14

                  Men   Andrew Miller

                  Ladies  Sandy Pronk

39 Men & 11 Lady Players

Sunday 15/9/19:-  Social Club 9 Hole Event

No Comp Play due to support for Mercy Care day

Saturday 14/9/19:- Single Stableford  1  Grade  5  Places 

1st    Dave  Taylor            43 pts

2nd   Stuart Norton          39 Pts  c/b

3rd   Dan Cartwright        39 Pts

4th   Mick Slater               38 Pts

5th   Paul Levett               37 Pts  c/b

N.T.P  #7   Darcy Whinham

           #17  Gary Anderson

Eagle's  Nest #17  Not  Struck

Repco 6th Hole 2nd Shot N.T.P    Stuart Norton 

Secret Birdie Hole #9  Tod Shipton 

Card Draw   Not Struck

Vinnie's Pizza Award     Bobby Brown

Balls went down to  34  Pts on c/b

49 Men & 17 Lady Players

Thanks to to-days Sponsors B Christie & R Flynn &

Horizons Camping and All our  regular sponsors

Friday 13/9/19:- 9 Hole Stableford

1st    Greg  Broderick         22 Pts

2nd   Larry  Marks              21 Pts

3rd   Ron  Flynn                  20 Pts

11 Players

Wednesday 11/9/19:- Medley Stableford

1st    Garry Nicolls          40pts

2nd   Col Miller                39pts

3rd    Allan Moore            38pts c/b

          Balls to 31pts c/b

 49 Men & 24 Lady Players

Sunday 8/9/19:- Kyle McGovern Electrical Medley Stableford

1st    Kyle  McGovern         35 Pts

2nd   Matt McKnight           33 Pts

3rd   Craig  Gault                32 Pts

Hilltops Security Services Secret Birdie Hole #10  Not Struck

Jackpot at $90 next Sunday

6 brave men ventured forth and thankfully returned

Sunday 8/9/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st    Peter  Norton           32 Nett

2nd   Paul  Levett              33 Nett

Bradman's     Jacko  Anderson

14 Men and 2 Ladies played back 9

Saturday 7/9/19:-Keith Simmons Eng. Monthly Medal

Medal Winners

A Grade   Steve  Connelly          64 Nett

B Grade   Ray   Hargraves         71 Nett

C Grade   Ben  Dean                   65 Nett

Elite Cup Winners

A Grade   Steve  Connelly          70 Gross

B Grade   Ray  Hargraves          81 Gross

C Grade   Ben  Dean                  91 Gross

N.T.P  # 3      Steve  Connelly

          # 7      Rick  Oliver

          # 9     Paul  Blizzard

          #15    Not  Struck

          #16    Steve  Connelly

          #17    Rick  Oliver

Eagles Nest #17    Not  Struck

Secret Birdie Hole #6  Not  Struck

Putting Competition Winners

A Grade     Alan  Moore          27

B Grade     Paul  Blizzard       31

C Grade     Ben  Dean             26

N.A.G.A Award      Terry  Shipp

Balls went down to  74  Nett

33 Men and 5 Ladies braved the weather conditions

Thanks again to all our loyal Sponsors

Friday 6/9/19:-  9 Hole Stableford

1st    Terry  Shipp            21 Pts

2nd   Brian  Christie        20 Pts  c/b

3rd   Chris  Keevil           20 Pts

Wednesday 4/9/19:- Medley Stableford

1st  Chris Fraser                 38pts

2nd  Larry Marks                 37pts c/b

3rd   Ron Flynn                   37pts

         Balls to                       31pts c/b

         52 Men Played

Sunday 1/9/19:- Kyle McGovern Electrical Medley Stableford

1st    Sam  Page                  41 Pts

2nd   Ian  Page                   37 Pts 

3rd   Brian Page                 35 Pts

Hilltops Security Services Secret Birdie Hole #10   Not Struck

Balls went down to 34 Pts

Sunday 1/9/19:-  Social Club 9 hole Event

1st     Jake   Bourke            30 Nett

2nd   Roscoe Manskie         35 Nett c/b

3rd   Bobby Brown              35 Nett

Saturday 31/8/19:- 4BBB Stableford

Team Winners

Bobby Stone & Pud Smithers   48 Pts

Team Runners Up

Greg Nolan  &  Ben Dean     47 Pts

N.T.P's  # 7   Alan Moore

             # 17  David Hamblin

Eagles Nest # 17  Not Struck

Secret Birdie Hole # 16 Not Struck

Card Draw   Not Struck

Vinnies Award

Ron  Thompson & Andrew Miller

50 Players    Balls went down to 43 Pts c/b

Thanks to our Sponsors

Ray White Real Estate & Choices Flooring

and all our regular sponsors

FRIDAY 30/8/19

9 Hole Comp

1st  David Robinson:- 22pts

2nd Paul Levett:- 19pts

Wednesday 28/8/19:- Medley Stableford

1st  Mark Flynn   37PTS

 2nd Kate Cooper  36pts c/b

3rd  Lorraine Regan  36 pts

Balls went down to   32 pts c/b

Sunday 25/8/19:- Kyle McGovern Electrical Medley Stableford


1st    Peter   Greaves           40 Pts

2nd   Ray  Hargraves           37 Pts

3rd   Jim  Brewster              36 Pts

Secret Birdie Hole #12    Peter  Greaves

Hilltops Security Services Secret Birdie Hole Jackpot Back to $30  1/9/19

Balls down to 35 Pts

Sunday 25/8/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st    Murray  Hanley            31 Nett  c/b

2nd   Garry  Tamainu           31 Nett

3rd   Peter  Hall                    33 Nett

Saturday 24/8/19:- Men's Foursomes Championships

Scratch Winners

      Rick Oliver & James French         78

Scratch R/up

      Bill Oliver & Ian Page                   80

Handicap Winners

      Andrew Aiken & Laurie Brown     71.5

Handicap R/up

      Don Cruikshank & Bob Stone       75.5 

Individual Stableford

1st    Craig  Taylor               41 Pts  c/b

2nd   Alan  Moore                41 Pts

3rd    Patrick Fitzgerald      40 Pts

N.T.P # 7      David Hamblin

         #17      Ian Page

Repco C Grade 2nd Shot 2nd Hole

        Max  Gilbert

Eagles Nest     Ian Page    25cm

Secret Birdie Hole #15       Peter Doherty

Card Draw   Not Struck

Balls went down to 35 Pts

Friday 23/8/19:- 9 Hole Stableford Event

1st    Larry  Marks              22 Pts

2nd  Gavin Marshall           20 Pts  c/b

3rd   Wayne Hewson          20 Pts

Wednesday 21/8/19:- Medley Stableford.

1st-... Larry Marks             40  Pts

2nd... Andrew Aiken          39 Pts 

3rd... John Snodgrass       38 Pts

Balls down to 31 Pts on a c/b

26 players,thanks to everyone who played.


Sunday 18/8/19:- Kyle McGovern Electrical Individual Medley Stableford

1st    Ray  Hargraves             40 Pts

2nd   Marie  Inwood              38 Pts

3rd   Beau  Elsley                   37 Pts  c/b

4th   Aaron  Moloney             37 Pts

Hilltops Security Services Secret Birdie Hole #5     Not  Struck

Sunday 18/8/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st    Jim  Delahunty           33 Nett

2nd   Rob  Harvey               34 Nett

3rd   Simon  Murray           35 Nett

Saturday 17/8/19:- Individual Par Bisque

A Grade

1st    Mick  Ashton         +6

2nd  Alan  Moore           +5

B Grade

1st   Gary  Nicolls          +5

2nd  Adrian Hanrahan   +4

C Grade

1st    Bobby  Stone        +11

2nd   Patrick Fitzgerald   +7

N.T.P # 7  Stuart  Norton

        #17  Mark McCormick

Eagles Nest #17    Not  Struck

Secret Birdie Hole #15 Max  Gilbert

Card Draw   Mark  Flanders

Balls went down to    +4

With thanks to Sponsors Craig Watson & Gavin Marshall      

Wednesday 14/8/19:- Pro's Medley Stableford

1st    Jim  Beath                39 Pts c/b

2nd  Sandy  Pronk            39 Pts

3rd   Penny  Greaves        38 Pts

Balls went down to 31 Pts on c/b

Sunday 11/8/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Event

No Play Due to Weather

Sunday 11/8/19:- Kyle McGovern Electrical Medley Stableford

No Play Due to Weather

Sunday  11/8/19:- Mixed Foursomes Championships 

Postponed to 22/9/19

Saturday  10/8/19:- 4BBB Stableford

 No Play Due to Weather

Friday 9/8/19:- 9 Hole Medley Stableford

No Play due to weather

Wednesday 7/8/19:-Pro's Medley Stableford.

1st-... Wayne  Hewson             43  Pts

2nd... Laurie  Brown                38 Pts  c/b

3rd... John  Barton                  38 Pts

Balls down to   33 Pts

54 players,thanks to everyone who played.


Sunday 4/8/19:-  Kyle McGovern Electrical Medley Stableford

1st   Ray  Hargraves      36 Pts

2nd Jarrod Sharman     34 Pts

3rd Simon Makeham     32 Pts

Hilltops Security Services Secret Birdie Hole # 9  Not Struck

Sunday 4/8/19:- Social Club 9 Hole Radar Event

1st    Paul  Levett              31 Nett

2nd   Ron  Flynn                35 Nett c/b

3rd   Simon Murray           35 Nett

Saturday 3/8/19-Keith Simmons Engineering Monthly Medal.


A Grade-1st-Nett  Mick  Ashton      68

B Grade-1st- Nett Joel Anderson    63

C Grade 1st- Nett Justin Sheather  68

Elite Cleaning Services

A Grade Scratch 1st-  Peter  Campbell c/b  75 

B Grade Scratch 1st-  Joel  Anderson          76

C Grade Scratch 1st-  Mick  Slater               91

Watson Toyota

            NTP #7-  Andrew  Miller

                   #17- Mick  Ashton 

Gavin Marshall NTP #16- Bill  Oliver

Keith Simmons Engineering NTP

               A Grade  #3-  Mick  Ashton

              B Grade   #9- Wayne Honeman

              C Grade   #15- Not  Struck

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting.

            A Grade-  Peter  Campbell     24

           B Grade-  Gavin  Marshall      26

          C Grade-   Mick  Slater            29

Terry Bros Secret Birdie Hole 

          #10-  Mick  Ashton

Eagles Nest #17-  Not  Struck


Ian Page Bricklaying Lucky Card Draw

         - Mick  McCormick

Vinnies Pizza NAGA Award

    -   gross  Des  Daley

Balls went down to  74  nett

Thank you to All of todays Sponsors.

Friday 2/8/19-9 Hole Medley Stableford.

1st-Terry Perrin.....................19 pts

2nd-Andrew Miller.................18 pts

31/7/19-Pro's Medley Stableford.

1st-Col Miller.................39 pts

2nd=Wally Wilder

         Stu Norton.............38 pts

Balls down to 32 pts

54 players,thanks to everyone who played.

28/7/19:- Kyle McGovern Electrical Sunday Medley Stableford

1st    Jarrod  Sharman                    43 Pts

2nd   George Glasheen (Wagga )   40 Pts

3rd   Brendan  McMillan                  30 Pts

Hilltops Security Services Secret Birdie Hole # 14  Jarrod Sharman

Balls went down to 36 pts

28/7/19:- Sunday Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st    Alan  Anderson                35 Nett

2nd   Ron  Flynn                       36 Nett

3rd    Sandy  Pronk                  37 Nett

27/7/19-Par 3 Open Tournament

Mens Division 1

Scratch Winner-  Phillip  Oliver         55 

             Runner Up-  Steve May         61 c/b

Handicap Winner-  Ian  Page            55

             Runner Up- Cameron Jones  58

Mens Division 2

Scratch Winner-  Adrian Hanrahan    65

             Runner Up- Darcy Whinham  66

Handicap Winner-   Pud Smithers       56 c/b

                Runner Up- Geoff Connelly  56

Mens Division 3

Scratch Winner-  Caig  Watson            74 c/b

             Runner Up- John Jones           74

Handicap Winner-  Brendan McMillan  53

                Runner Up- Ron  Flynn         55

Ladies Division 1

Scratch Winner-  Helen  Spencer          63       

             Runner Up- Liz  Harding           65

Handicap Winner-  Kate Cooper            53

                Runner Up- Lorraine Regan   55

Ladies Division 2

Scratch Winner-  Betty  Stanton            73

             Runner Up-Carolyn Shaw          78

Handicap Winner-  Camille Carberry     53 c/b

             Runner Up- Sheila Traynor       53

Balls went down to 57 Nett for both Men & Ladies

Thank you to everyone who played today.


26/7/19 Friday Medley Stb.

1st-Brian Christie....18 pts

2nd-David Robinson..17 pts

24/7/19:- Wednesday Pro's Medley Comp

1st    Larry Marks   44pts

2nd   Tom Mueller   40pts c/b

3rd    Carolyn Shaw   40pts

Balls went down to    31pts c/b 


21/7/19:- Kyle McGovern Electrical Sunday Ball Medley Stableford

1st    Beau  Elsley              42 Pts

2nd   Aaron Moloney         37 Pts

3rd   Matt  McKnight         34 Pts

Hilltops Security Services Secret Birdie Hole #12    Not Struck

Balls went down to  32 Pts

21/7/19:- Sunday Social Club 9 Hole Event

1st    Jacko  Anderson         33 Nett c/b

2nd   Peter  Hall                   33 Nett

Bradman's     Pauline Collier  52 Nett

20/7/19:- Saturday Keno 2 Person Ambrose


Men's Pairs

1st Qualifiers J French & K Miller     60 3/4 Nett 

2nd Qualifiers M Ashton & C Jones   62 3/4 c/b

1st Reserves M Slater & S Smith      62 3/4 

Ladies Pairs L Harding & L Slater     67 Nett

Mixed Pairs W Hewson & C Shaw    68 Nett

N.T.P  # 7  Pat Brodbeck

          #17 Darcy Whinham

Repco N.T.P "B" Grade

2nd Shot 2nd Hole     Pat Brodbeck

Secret Birdie Hole #18  B Norton & R Hewitt

Eagles Nest # 17    Not Struck

Lucky Card Draw  Not Struck

Vinnies Pizza Award L Nicolls & S Manning

Balls went down to 65 Nett

Thanks to today's Sponsors

James & Christobel French

17/7/19:- Wednesday Pro's Medley Comp

1st   Cathy Aiken  41pts

2nd   Mark Flynn   39pts

3rd    Des Daley    38pts

Balls went down to   30Pts c/b

14/7/19:- Kyle McGovern Electrical Sunday Ball Medley Stableford

No afternoon play due to severe weather 

14/7/19:- Sunday Social Club 14 Hole Event 

1st    Justin  Sheather         47 Nett

2nd  Jim  Delahunty            54 Nett  c/b

3rd  Paul  Powderly           54 Nett

N.T.P #7    Peter Campbell

Gobbles  #10 Paul Powderly

Bradman's    Cheryl  Whye

Thanks to today's sponsor   Paul Levett

13/7/19:- Saturday Single Stableford

1st    Justin  Sheather           40 Pts

2nd  Steve   May                    38 Pts

3rd   Greg  Murray                 37 Pts c/b

N.T.P  #7  Steve Connelly

          #17  Steve Smith

N.T.P  A Grade Repco

2nd Shot Hole #5  Tod  Shipton

Secret Birdie Hole #2  Not Struck

Eagles Nest #17  Not Struck

Ian Page Bricklaying

Card Draw  Peter  Greaves

Vinnies Pizza Award   Des Daley

Balls went down to 32 Pts

Congratulatios to Steve Connelly 

who had an Eagle 2 on hole #14     

Thanks to our Sponsors

Connelly's Office National

10/7/19:- Wednesday Pro's Medley Comp

1st     Penny  Greaves          36 pts

2nd   Marie  Inwood             35 Pts  c/b

3rd   Des  Daley                    35 Pts

Balls went down to 30 Pts

7/7/19-Kyle McGovern Electrical Sunday Medley--$12 entry fee

1st-Steve May.....38 pts

2nd-Chris Fraser...36 pts

Hilltops Security Secret Birdie

                        Hole #3-Andrew Miller

                                   - Steve Smith

Thank you to  Kyle McGovern Electrical for his sponsorship of this event.

7/7/19-Social Club-Radar's Day

1st-Justin Sheather.....48-17-31 nett6

2nd-Jake Bourke......47-14-33 nett

3rd-Ron Flynn...........51-17-34 nett

6/7/19-Keith Simmons Engineering Monthly Medal.


A Grade-1st-Andrew Miller......69 Nett

B Grade-1st- Ray Hargraves....74 Nett

C Grade 1st-Brett Scelly..........68 Nett

Elite Cleaning Services

A Grade Scratch 1st-Rick Oliver....72

B Grade Scratch 1st-Pat Brodbeck...86

C Grade Scratch 1st-Geoff Connelly...90

Watson Toyota

            NTP #7-Rick Oliver

                   #17-Wally Wilder 

Gavin Marshall NTP #16-Grant Noakes

Keith Simmons Engineering NTP

               A Grade  #3-Mark Hawker 

              B Grade   #9-Ron Thompson 

              C Grade   #15-Brendon McMillan

Elegant Timber Shutters & Blinds Putting.

            A Grade-Steve Smith..27

           B Grade-Greg Murray..25

          C Grade-Geoff Connelly..28

Terry Bros Secret Birdie Hole 

          #2-Andrew Miller

Eagles Nest #17-Not Struck


Ian Page Bricklaying Lucky Card Draw

         -Allan Moore

Vinnies Pizza NAGA Award

    - Des Daley.......112 gross

Balls went down to 75 nett

Thank you to All of todays Sponsors.

Wednesday 3/7/19-Pros Stableford Medley Comp.

1st=Adrian Hanrahan & Rick Oliver.....40 pts

2nd-Col Blizzard...............................39 pts

3rd-Larry Marks...............................38 pts

Thanks to all who played today, 48 players.